Boxing equipment for beginners: buy boxing gloves & punching bag!

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What equipment do boxing beginners need?

It is always an issue, especially for beginners: Which boxing gloves are the best? Which punching bag should I buy? We would simply like to show you our recommendations for the "first boxing equipment" and of course also provide you with information as to why these boxing gloves and punching bags are suitable for beginners.

What you will learn in this post:

  • What boxing beginners should know
  • Which boxing gloves are suitable for beginners
  • Which punching bags are suitable for beginners

What should you consider when boxing?

Boxing is a great full-body sport that can help you improve your fitness, build muscle, and gain more confidence. In addition, you can do boxing training in a very versatile way - at home as a light fitness workout, intensively on the punching bag or in combination with claw and sparring units. So you can box with or without real opponents and find exactly the level that is ideal for you. But you should always keep in mind that boxing always involves a certain risk of injury. This applies regardless of whether you are sparring or just fighting the punching bag. If you perform punching techniques improperly or have not warmed up sufficiently, your tendons and muscles can quickly be affected. We also strongly recommend that you never train on the punching bag without boxing gloves. Even if the punching bag has some shock absorption, there is a risk that you will put too much strain on your ankles and wrists without adequate protection.

Which boxing gloves are suitable for beginners?

As a beginner, you will only need a pair of boxing gloves, since you are not yet training on the pads or going into sparring.

How many oz should boxing gloves have to start with?

The weight of your boxing gloves should not be too high. Because 1. you first have to get used to wearing the boxing gloves and you will get a lot of sore muscles just from that and from the first training session. And 2. you don't need thick padding for training on the punching bag = less weight. Beginners are usually well equipped with 10 or 12 oz boxing gloves.

What material should the boxing gloves have?

Imitation leather or PU is a great choice for the first boxing gloves. The material is durable and hard-wearing without being too heavy (like real leather, for example) or too expensive.

What closure should boxing gloves have?

In principle, it is sufficient if you use boxing gloves with Velcro. Not only can they be optimally adjusted, they are also easy to put on and take off. Most boxers only use boxing gloves with lacing in competitions where they are prescribed by the associations.

Our boxing glove recommendations for beginners

TUF WEAR (PU) starters
A light boxing glove that convinces with a good price-performance ratio and is a reliable model especially for beginners.
Tuf Wear
TUF WEAR (PU) starters

Due to their low weight, the boxing gloves (PU) starter are just right for learning the various basic techniques in boxing. With the robust PU in the upper material, they are still durable to accompany you reliably.

PU starter boxing gloves convince

  • Breathable mesh fabric on the inside for better moisture transport
  • Pronounced grip bar for a particularly good grip in the glove
  • Easy Velcro closure for quick on and off
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VICTOR (PU) boxing gloves
With its multi-layered padding, the VICTOR boxing gloves made of imitation leather offer just the right shock absorption for beginners who want to take their first steps both on the punching bag and in sparring.
Tuf Wear
VICTOR boxing gloves (PU)

Light but with very good shock-absorbing properties: The VICTOR boxing gloves give you more protection against impact on your wrists, elbows and shoulders, but also protect your training partner in sparring. Thanks to the robust synthetic leather, the boxing gloves are durable and hard-wearing.

VICTOR (PU) boxing gloves impress with:

  • Firm multi-layer injection molded foam padding for optimal shock absorption
  • Pronounced grip bar for a very good grip in the glove
  • Padded Velcro wrist strap with shock absorbing properties for increased protection
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Which punching bags are suitable for beginners?

Basically, there are not many criteria that play a role in the selection of a punching bag. But still, it can be hard for beginners to choose a punching bag. Therefore note these points:

What shape should the punching bag have?

Since you will start with the basic techniques at the beginning of your boxing training and only gradually develop further boxing skills such as speed, heavy bags and angle punching bags are ideal for you. You can train almost all punching techniques on these punching bags (in fact all of them on the angled punching bag, including upper cuts). Only when you have mastered the individual punches and various punch combinations perfectly does it make sense to work on other punching bags to specifically improve your speed, accuracy or punching power.

How big should a punching bag be?

Let's assume that you are an average height person who is interested in classic boxing (without kicking exercises). Then we recommend a punching bag with a length between 3 and 4 ft - i.e. up to approx. 120 cm. That would be the standard punching bag. If you are a bit taller, you should take a longer punching bag.

How heavy should a punching bag be?

The weight for the punching bag should be based on your body weight. The rule of thumb is: between one and two thirds of your own body weight. As a beginner with probably less punching power, we recommend a punching bag with a maximum weight of 50% of your body weight. If you weigh about 80 kg, you can train very well on a punching bag with 40 kg. If you want to increase slowly, choose a punching bag with 25 or 30 kg. If you only want to do a light boxing workout, we recommend a punching bag weighing around 20 kg.

Which material is ideal for the punching bag?

Punching bags made of imitation leather have proven themselves for both beginners and professionals. In addition, they are already available at a moderate price.

Our punching bag recommendations for beginners

PU angular punching bag 3ft
With a length of 102 cm and a weight of approx. 28 kg, the PU angular punching bag is a good all-rounder - especially for beginners who focus on head and upper body punches.
PU angled punching bag TUF WEAR 3ft
Tuf Wear
PU Angle Bag 3ft

The shape typical of the angle punching bag allows you to train very realistically. This is especially true for uppercuts. The synthetic leather upper is characterized by its high resilience. Thanks to the easy care, the PU material is particularly uncomplicated.

TUF WEAR PU Angled Punching Bag (3ft) is ideal for

  • Endurance and coordination training
  • Reaction and speed training
  • Improving punching power and punch combinations
  • Training sessions that are as realistic and varied as possible
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PU quilted punching bag 4ft
With a length of approx. 122 cm and a weight of 42 kg, the PU quilted punching bag is a good model for ambitious boxers who would like to develop more power and endurance.
PU quilted punching bag 4ft
Tuf Wear
PU quilted punching bag 4ft

This punching bag is made of synthetic leather, which reliably withstands your hard punches. Together with the careful processing, you are guaranteed a punching bag that you will enjoy for a long time. With a weight of 42 kg and a length of 122 cm, the TUF WEAR punching bag PU Quilted 4ft is the right choice for tall and heavy boxers and anyone looking for a punching bag for a demanding workout.

TUF WEAR punching bag PU Quilted 4ft is ideal for

  • Classic boxing training of all kinds
  • Suitable for taller people
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    Photos by sportyglee and Julia Larson on Pexels

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