punching bags

Whether beginner, amateur or professional; Boxing, kickboxing or MMA: they all use it equally often and with pleasure - the punching bag. It is the ideal training device for training endurance and strength; to improve punching power or to optimize coordination. With TUF WEAR, we not only offer you a large selection of punching bags, but also the proven quality you want for your success in training or in preparing for a competition.

Punching bags for effective training

Tough guys punch their noses crooked and crooked in boxing? Boxing has long left this reputation behind and has become increasingly popular in recent years - among men, women and children alike. Because boxing not only promotes your physical fitness, but also your mental strength. You train endurance and strength, body muscles and flexibility, coordination and responsiveness, speed and precision. In short: You'll start sweating profusely.

Boxing is one of the most effective sports when it comes to burning calories. You burn up to 500 calories in 30 minutes. And with the right punching bag, you don't need a gym for it. By hitting the punching bag, you mainly train your arms, shoulders and back, including the abdominal muscles. You can also train your legs and bottom with leg techniques or targeted kicks against the punching bag.

Suitable punching bags for every type of training

As with the selection of your boxing gloves - probably the most important equipment for hobby and professional boxers - you should also consider a few things when selecting the punching bag so that your training is optimally supported. We'll tell you how to find the right punching bag for you:

  • model
  • Size
  • weight
  • Upper
  • Other

Punching bags in different models

The classic punching bag is cylindrical - long and uniform. The so-called Heavy Bag is attached to the ceiling, wall, pull-up bar or similar so that the boxer can train at eye level. In addition, TUF WEAR also offers other punching bag variants - such as the angle punching bag and the punching ball. The angle punching bag, also known as the angle bag, is wider in the upper area than in the lower area - similar to the human physique. The advantage of the Angle Bag is the most realistic training possible, so that different types of shots can be trained for sparring or competition. The Punchingball - also called wrecking ball or wrecking ball/boxing ball - is a boxing ball for training punching power, speed and responsiveness. The punching ball moves flexibly back and forth in the different suspension options - double-ended version, with a standing foot or ceiling mounting - so that the athlete has to react quickly and precisely.

  • Double end ball - attachment to floor and ceiling
  • Punching ball - usually with a standing foot
  • Speedball / boxing ball - attachment to the ceiling / wall / pull-up bar

With the type of punching bag, you should also pay attention to the suspension, especially for use in your own home. In the boxing booth there are usually suitable mounting options for punching bags on the ceiling or wall. At home you should check whether the ceiling and wall are suitable for the attachment of the punching bag - Attention: note the filling weight! - are suitable or whether a punching bag with a stand is the better choice for additional boxing training at home.

Punching bags in different sizes

TUF WEAR manufactures high-quality punching bags in different sizes so that every athlete gets the right training equipment.In classic boxing, punching bags with a length of between 100 and 150 cm (shorter and wider) are usually used. In other sports such as kickboxing, where many low kicks are intended in training and competitions, larger punching bags from 150 cm (longer and narrower).

  • Classic boxing = punching bag with 100 to 120 cm
  • Kickboxing etc. = punching bag from 150 cm

Punching bags with different weights

The weight of the punching bag usually depends on the size and type, but it doesn't necessarily have to be that way. If you are considering which punching bag is the right one with which weight, use this rule of thumb as a guide: At least one third and maximum two thirds of your body weight. Depending on the goal and purpose of your training, you should vary the weight of the punching bag:

You can train speed and coordination better on a lighter punching bag, as it doesn't float so sluggishly in the air and swings back and forth a lot more with your punches. The punching bag should weigh between 25 and 50% of your body weight.

Endurance and (punch) power you ideally train on a heavy punching bag that challenges your power and condition. Due to the high weight you have to work hard. The punching bag should weigh between 50 and 75% of your body weight.

If you are looking for a punching bag on which you can practice your stamina and punching power as well as coordination and precision, simply choose the golden mean.

Punching bags made of imitation leather or leather

Another selection criterion for the punching bag is the upper material. You can get punching bags made of leather or imitation leather from TUF WEAR. Which material you choose depends on various factors such as your budget. If you want to buy a durable, robust punching bag, you better invest in a genuine leather model. The material has proven itself in boxing for decades and is characterized by high resistance and durability. But it also costs more than artificial leather. For beginners and hobby boxers, we recommend a punching bag made of imitation leather. Although the material is less durable, it withstands the training sessions of 1 to 2 times a week very well and is also cheaper for beginners.

Additional properties of punching bags

Some of our TUF WEAR punching bags have additional features such as pockets for your trainer's or training partner's hands when you need more support while training your punches.

TUF WEAR Germany - your shop for the best boxing equipment

The punching bag is your sparring partner when no one is available. So take your time and choose the right TUF WEAR punching bag. If you need help with the selection, we are happy to assist you with our knowledge. Our selection of TUF WEAR punching bags is ideal for all ambitious boxers and all those who want to become one. Train with our TUF WEAR punching bags in the way that is best for you. TUF WEAR is the brand for real boxing champions with high-quality materials and the best workmanship. Quality that convinces boxers of all levels.

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