Mitts - Hook & Jab mitts

If you want to improve your boxing or other martial arts skills during training, pads - or jap pads and hook pads - are one of the most important parts of your equipment. With the hand mitts from TUF WEAR, you are opting for a high quality that has convinced beginners as well as amateurs and professionals in boxing for many decades.

Pads for your boxing and martial arts training

Jap Pads, as the hand pads are called in English, are only used in training. The punch pads are an important training accessory, especially in Muay Thai, kickboxing or MMA. While your trainer holds the hand pads, you can practice and refine your leg and punching techniques. The advantage of training with Hook and Jap hand pads: You can use your full strength in your exercises without having to worry about injuring your training partner.

Pads are particularly suitable in boxing and martial arts training to prepare you for real competition situations. Your trainer will vary the position and height of the pads, at chest level, sideways or on the leg, so that the simulation of a dynamic opponent is realistic. In a direct exchange with your trainer - he feels your punches through the pads - you can optimally improve your speed, precision and responsiveness. With the Jap Pads, your trainer registers even the smallest mistake and can guide you ideally to execute the next shot better. You also train your punching power and kicks as well as various boxing combinations for the competition - without injury.

Hand mitts made of high-quality materials

With the hand pads, you train both your arm and leg techniques, depending on the sport. It is therefore important that you choose robust and durable pads that can withstand the full force of your punches and kicks. TUF WEAR pads are made of high-quality upper materials - for example genuine leather or innovative carbonium material. This gives you a durable boxing accessory that you can rely on during training. Especially in professional and club sports, the TUF WEAR pads made of real leather are indispensable.

In addition to the upper material, which immediately feels the power of your punches and legs, the padding is also important, which absorbs the force and protects you from injuries. Classic jap pads are padded with high density foam. In our shop you will also find gel pads that absorb the blow even better.

TUF WEAR Germany - boxing equipment for your success

Punch power, boxing combinations, kick hardness, speed and responsiveness: you can train these and many other techniques on the pads. So you can ideally support training on the punching bag or prepare for sparring or competition with real opponents. Whether you train your punching power, coordination and speed on your hand pads or on your punching bag: Always wear the right boxing gloves that are suitable for your training goal.

TUF WEAR Germany is the shop that has you covered equips. With TUF WEAR you are choosing a proven brand in boxing and martial arts that has long since won over athletes at all levels worldwide. Whether beginner, amateur or professional: You will find the right pads and suitable boxing equipment at TUF WEAR Germany.