training accessories

You want to take your boxing training to the next level? Get fully involved in the club, at home or in the preparation for a competition? Then you should invest in suitable, safe and effective equipment and in the right training accessories. TUF WEAR training accessories are essential to protect you from injuries in training and the ring, for example. But it also helps you to bring out the best in you and thus achieve your goals in boxing.

Accessories for protection in training and boxing ring

The primary goal in training and boxing is to avoid injuries. This applies to you as well as your training partners, trainers or opponents in the boxing ring. In addition to the right boxing gloves, which are essential for boxing, you should also pay attention to sufficient protection. Boxing bandages help to dampen the impact of the shocks and thus minimize the risk of injury to the wrists.
If you train japs ​​and other types of punches or kicks on the punch pad, a body shield offers the right protection for your training partner.

Accessories for effective training

In boxing, you're not just in the ring. You spend most of your time outside training on various boxing machines or with suitable training accessories. Training paddles, padding and other accessories are essential for your physical fitness, effective training or targeted competition preparation. With our large selection of TUF WEAR training accessories, you can make your training versatile, train different body areas and boxing techniques.

The right training accessory for everyone

This is how you gradually improve your speed, endurance, strength, flexibility and much more - important prerequisites for achieving your goals in boxing!

Effective boxing training is not possible without the right equipment such as punching bags or functional accessories such as boxing bandages. And above all, safe training is not possible. Thanks to our large selection of TUF WEAR boxing accessories and equipment, you can design your training in the way that is ideal for you - for example at home with the punching bag or the speedball or outside with medicine balls. This is the ideal way to complement the training sessions in a club with a sparring partner and trainer.

TUF WEAR Germany - your partner for boxing and martial arts

In the TUF WEAR Germany shop you will find everything you need. From training accessories for sufficient protection when boxing or the equipment for your home boxing booth with punching bag and punching ball. TUF WEAR Germany is your partner for boxing and martial arts - whether beginner, amateur or professional.