Boxing equipment for children

When children start boxing at a young age, a carefully selected set of boxing gloves and training equipment is essential. TUF WEAR offers a quality range of boxing accessories for kids. So you trust your child with high quality and reliable protection through suitable equipment when boxing.

Boxing is becoming increasingly popular among children

While many parents think that children only fight and bloody their noses while boxing, real boxing training in a club is far from that. In fact, children very rarely step into the boxing ring with real sparring partners. In children's boxing, most of the time is spent outside the ring - on arm technique, leg technique, coordination and strength. As with adults, boxing training promotes endurance, fitness and mobility. Boxing also trains children's body control, self-confidence and self-confidence. Above all, however, children learn respect and discipline with good boxing training - because boxing is not about aggressively and combatively hitting yourself and injuring others. Avoiding injury is the number one goal in boxing. And it is correspondingly important to find the right boxing equipment for the child.

Good (protective) equipment is a mandatory requirement for children's boxing.

Boxing gloves for children

As with adults, the hands and wrists are among the areas of the body that are subjected to the most impact in boxing. The hands and wrists should be protected accordingly well and stably. The right TUF WEAR boxing gloves for children make this possible - on the one hand due to the stable, wide Velcro fastener on the wrist and on the other hand due to sufficient padding, the padding. The purpose of the boxing gloves is not only to protect your own hands from injuries and to cushion the blows, but also to protect your opponent from injuries. Although children rarely box against each other, and then only with little force, good padding is important.

Box sets for children

With the TUF WEAR boxing sets, children get the ideal starter equipment for boxing training. You can use the boxing gloves for training in the club and at home. The punching bag is the ideal training partner for the home boxing studio and serves as a suitable supplement for the weekly get-together in the club. In this way, the children can practice and improve the techniques they have learned. At the same time, the box set offers an ideal opportunity to work out at home - even in bad weather or when you are not training. Depending on the set, hook and jab pads are included, so that the children can train their movements and techniques together with a partner - whether child or adult.

The punching bag in the children's boxing set from TUF WEAR is specially adapted to the size of children - approx. 18'' / 60 cm. A ceiling or wall mount is also included.

TUF WEAR Germany - boxing equipment for young and old

TUF WEAR is the brand for real champions and offers small and large boxers the quality they need for safe, injury-free and effective training. If you want to give your child reliable equipment, choose TUF WEAR, which supports and convinces beginners, amateurs and professionals alike. At TUF WEAR Germany you will find the right boxing equipment for children and adults.