In order not to get tired in boxing - whether training or competition, beginner or professional - you have to train your fitness. A fit body, stamina and condition are just as important in boxing as punching power, responsiveness and speed. With the right equipment, you can improve your physical fitness and train for boxing in a club, at home or in the great outdoors.

Medicine balls as versatile training for boxers

Medicine balls are known from many different sports and fitness exercises - from back exercises to hand or volleyball. Anywhere that requires a strong back and strong arm muscles, medicine ball exercises are essential. This also applies to boxing and martial arts training. You can use medicine balls in different exercises, whether played alone, over the wall or with a training partner.
With the help of the medicine ball you mainly train:

  • Impact Power and Impact Speed
  • Various muscles and muscle groups (arms, shoulders, back, lumbar region, abdomen)
  • coordination, strength and flexibility
  • Endurance and Condition

In our shop TUF WEAR Germany you will find medicine balls in different weight classes. You will not only find the fitness accessories that are suitable for your body weight and fitness level, but you can also vary your training with different medicine balls and continuously improve yourself.

Reaction balls for targeted boxing exercises

While you can't just use medicine balls for boxing, you train your speed and responsiveness with the reaction balls. To give yourself an advantage by being able to react quickly when sparring or in competition, you should train with reaction balls. Attached to the ceiling and floor with the help of a flexible rubber band, reaction balls are very dynamic and challenge you immensely in training. You have to react at lightning speed and thus develop quick reaction times. Above all, your hand-eye coordination will be extremely trained on the reaction ball. Exactly the right training to react immediately to your opponent's movements in the boxing ring.

Additional fitness accessories for effective boxing training

Boxing is not just about landing the right hits yourself, but also dodging your opponent at the crucial moment. You can practice this on the Slip Bag, for example. By attaching it to a chain on the ceiling or a pull-up bar, the slip bag "dangles" in the air. After a short touch by you or your training partner, the slip bag swings back and forth, so that you have to practice dodging - the ideal simulation of an enemy attack.

Discover our other fitness products to help you achieve your goals in training and boxing. For example, you train combative discipline with the robust TUF WEAR Boot Camp bags - ideal for indoor and outdoor training units.

Check out our range of punching bags from TUF WEAR to take your training to the next level.

TUF WEAR Germany - the address for boxers

Whether in a club or at home: With our fitness products you train effectively to achieve more success in training and boxing. Combine the various sporting goods to set up a diverse fitness training and prepare yourself on all physical and mental levels for sparring or competition. TUF WEAR Germany is the address for boxers - whether beginner, amateur or professional.