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If you will, boxing gloves are the distinguishing feature of boxing; one of the most important pieces of equipment, if not the most important! With boxing gloves from TUF WEAR you are choosing one of the best boxing outfitters in the world and you are ensuring exactly the quality you want for your success in boxing training or competitions.

Matching boxing gloves for your training

Not only professional boxers or amateur boxing athletes know how important boxing gloves are for precise arm and hand movement, but also beginners who train their first punches and upper cuts. Above all, boxing gloves should protect you and your boxing partner from injury. The most padded area of ​​the high-quality TUF WEAR boxing gloves is in the area of ​​the knuckles and fingers - where the force of the punch has to be cushioned. Multiple layers of high-quality foam help reduce the risk of boxing injuries. A wide Velcro strap on the wrist and the boxing bandages worn under the boxing gloves also reduce the risk of injuries to the hands.

Buy the right boxing gloves from TUF WEAR Germany
In order for your boxing gloves to fulfill their important function in boxing training and in competitions, you have to consider a few things when making your selection:

  • Upper
  • Padding
  • weight
  • Boxing/training type

As boxing professionals, we will of course tell you how to find the right boxing gloves!

Boxing gloves made of imitation leather or leather

We offer you a large selection of TUF WEAR boxing gloves. A distinguishing criterion is the upper material of the boxing gloves. You can choose between boxing gloves made of imitation leather and real leather. If you are looking for your first pair of boxing gloves and are starting out in boxing as a beginner, we recommend that you choose a model made of imitation leather. Boxing gloves made of imitation leather are usually slightly lighter and above all cheaper. With a training session of 1 to 2 times a week, the synthetic leather boxing gloves are not put under so much stress that they wear out quickly. The ideal choice for boxing beginners!

As an experienced hobby or even professional boxer, you have different requirements for your boxing equipment, which are simply due to the frequent training sessions and the high demands that go with them. Boxing gloves made of genuine leather are very robust and therefore more durable. Even with several training sessions per week, the TUF WEAR leather boxing gloves remain in good condition, remain stable and reliably protect you as a professional while boxing.

Padding: Thin and thick boxing gloves

With regard to the padding of the boxing gloves (padding of the striking surface), TUF WEAR offers you thin and thick models. From our experience, we recommend thin boxing gloves for regular training on a punching bag or other boxing equipment. The resistance is low here, so that no great cushioning of the blows is necessary. When training with a sparring partner or preparing for a competition, boxing gloves with thick padding are advisable to reliably protect you and others from injury.

Boxing gloves in different weight classes

Which boxing gloves are the right ones? An important question that can be answered in connection with the weight of the boxing gloves. The weight of the boxing gloves is usually given in ounces (English: Ounce, oz): 1 oz corresponds to 28.35 g. A boxing glove with 10 oz therefore weighs approx. 283 g.

Basically, one can say that boxing gloves with more ounces also have more foam filling. The type of boxing training or competition is therefore also decisive for the selection of boxing gloves:

  • Boxing gloves between 10 oz and 16 oz for training alone (depending on personal preference)
  • Boxing gloves between 12 oz and 14 oz for training with a sparring partner
  • Boxing gloves between 14 oz and 16 oz for pre-contest
  • Boxing gloves between 8 oz and 12 oz for competition

Many boxers choose heavy boxing gloves to prepare for a competition - or in general to build up strength, endurance and muscles. This increases the success of the training. At the same time, the executions in competition then feel much easier - and the fists “fly”!

Boxing gloves for every type of boxing and training

Boxing gloves for training alone

If you train on the punching bag or the punching ball, you don't have to observe any competition rules regarding boxing gloves and you don't need gloves that are too heavy or thickly padded. Boxing gloves where the thumb is not sewn on, which have a Velcro fastener and only have light padding are ideal for training alone. So you can take them off and put them on yourself and feel every hit thanks to the thin padding for optimal hit improvement. With boxing gloves with thick padding, you can train your strength and endurance, especially just before competitions.

Boxing gloves for sparring

When sparring, you get more counter-pressure by hitting your partner, so you need good protection in the hitting area. At the same time, boxing gloves with thick padding protect your sparring partner from injuries. You can also use thickly padded boxing gloves for training on the punching bag. However, the "impact feedback" is less.

Boxing gloves for competition

In competitions, the demands on boxing gloves increase, which result solely from the specifications of the competition organizers. Competition gloves usually have to have a sewn-on thumb to minimize the risk of injury to the opponent and are laced. In order to be able to punch more effectively, competition gloves are often lighter than training gloves.

Boxing gloves for women and men

It is entirely up to you whether you, as a woman or as a man, choose light or heavy boxing gloves. There are no special boxing gloves for women or for men. Only the size and weight should be individually adjusted.

Note: Boxing gloves for children, on the other hand, make perfect sense. Children's boxing gloves are usually smaller and lighter than regular adult boxing gloves. And since children's wrists, arms and shoulders are not so strong and muscular, it is also correct to use special boxing gloves.

TUF WEAR Germany - your shop for the best boxing equipment

With TUF WEAR we offer you the best selection of boxing, MMA, fitness and karate gloves that provide you with optimal support in your training - whether you are a beginner, amateur or professional.

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