Leather or PU punching bag: which is better?


Which is better for a punching bag: real leather or PU?

If you want to set up a small training room at home, you are quickly faced with the question of what kind of punching bag you should buy. The material of the punching bag is not irrelevant. Following these tips will certainly make it easier for you to decide whether to use a punching bag made of real leather or imitation leather.

What you will learn in this post:
  • Why real and synthetic leather are the best materials for punching bags
  • What are the advantages of artificial leather in a punching bag
  • The advantages of real leather in a punching bag
    • What you should consider when buying a punching bag

    Why are punching bags made of real leather and imitation leather so popular?

    Nylon, canvas, imitation leather and real leather: When looking for a punching bag, you now have quite a large selection of upper materials, which does not necessarily make the decision any easier, especially for beginners. However, you should not buy a punching bag indiscriminately, because the material influences, among other things, the longevity of the punching bag.

    Nylon and canvas are some of the newer fabrics that have only been used to make punching bags for a few years. The main reason is that both materials are comparatively cheap and the punching bags are therefore cheaper than models made of imitation leather or real leather. However, the punching bags with a textile upper material have one major disadvantage: They are not as hard-wearing and therefore not as durable. Especially on the hitting surface, the textiles wear out over time, become thinner and can tear. Another reason we can't recommend nylon or canvas punching bags is that the surface isn't 100% smooth. Canva and nylon have a fine texture that traps dust and dirt. In the worst case, you will damage your boxing gloves and have to buy new ones.

    Imitation leather and real leather have proven to be reliable materials for punching bags for many decades. They are very resilient and therefore very durable. In addition, the materials ensure a smooth surface that makes it difficult for dirt and dust to settle.

    You can now find out the advantages of artificial leather and real leather:

    What are the advantages of artificial leather punching bags?

    You can also often find imitation leather punching bags under the name PU punching bags. PU stands for polyurethane, a plastic that is used in many different ways in everyday life and in sports - for example also for boxing gloves, head protection and pads. Punching bags with a PU coating are primarily characterized by two things: they are inexpensive and easy to care for. The polyurethane provides a very smooth surface that is easy to wipe clean. The PU coating also makes the punching bag insensitive to cleaning agents and disinfectant sprays, which makes it more hygienic to use and much easier to care for. In addition, the material does not absorb moisture, making it less demanding and easier to clean. Overall, a PU punching bag is very resilient and durable. The production of the material is easier and therefore cheaper, so that a PU punching bag is also cheaper. Last but not least, there is no animal suffering in the production of PU punching bags.

    What are the advantages of genuine leather punching bags?

    Real leather, especially cowhide, is considered to be the absolute premium class for punching bags. Real leather is extremely hard-wearing and tear-resistant , which gives the punching bag a very long service life. As a natural product, leather has a certain suppleness and elasticity and yet remains dimensionally stable without lending. This gives you a really high quality and durable punching bag.

    What should be considered when buying a punching bag?

    In addition to the advantages of imitation leather and real leather, you should consider a few other things regarding the choice of material before buying the punching bag. Real leather is higher quality and more durable than artificial leather, but also correspondingly more expensive. In addition, you have to take good care of a real leather punching bag so that it has a long service life. Wetness or the wrong cleaning agent can quickly damage the material. PU punching bags are much less complicated and - unless you buy cheap goods - can keep up with real leather models in terms of durability and resilience. Not only are they easier to clean, but above all they are cheaper than real leather punching bags.

    Customers ask, we answer!

    Which punching bag is suitable for beginners?

    Standard PU punching bags are ideal for beginners. When it comes to weight and size, make sure that it fits your body weight and boxing level.

    What kind of punching bag do I need?

    In addition to the classic heavy bag, there are angle punching bags, punching balls and smaller punching bags such as speedballs, which are suitable for special training purposes. Heavy bags and angle punching bags are particularly suitable for daily training.

    How do I properly attach a punching bag?

    Ideally, the punching bag should swing freely from the ceiling or a beam at a distance of approx. 1.5 m to the nearest wall. So you can train all around.

    How much does a good punching bag cost?

    You should invest a few hundred euros in a good punching bag. You will not be happy with cheap goods, because the material and workmanship are usually of inferior quality and you have to buy a new punching bag quickly.

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