Balboa Jumbo Boxsack 4FT 60 kg - sportyglee
Balboa Jumbo Boxsack 4FT 60 kg - sportyglee
Balboa Jumbo Boxsack 4FT 60 kg - sportyglee
Tuf Wear

Balboa Jumbo Punching Bag (4ft) 60kg

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TUF WEAR Balboa Jumbo punching bag (4ft) 60 kg

If you are looking for a long, heavy punching bag, this model is for you!

  • Durable faux leather
  • 20 inch diameter, 60 kg weight, 4ft length
  • Includes straps for attachment
  • TUF WEAR brand
  • Colour: two-tone

Features of TUF WEAR Balboa Jumbo Punching Bag (4ft) 60 kg

Robust upper material
The use of imitation leather as the upper material offers various advantages - among other things, it makes the Balboa jumbo punching bag (4ft) 60 kg very robust and resilient.

Ideal for tall boxers
With a length of 121 cm and a weight of 60 kg, the Balboa Jumbo is the right punching bag for tall and strong boxers.

Easy attachment
Four suspension straps were sewn to the upper end of the punching bag so that you can easily and safely transport the Balboa Jumbo, e.g. B. can be attached to a carabiner.

TUF WEAR brand
The all-over TUF WEAR brand not only looks pretty cool. If it says TUF WEAR on it, TUF WEAR is inside. So you get a real quality product.

TUF WEAR Balboa Jumbo (4ft) punching bag is for

  • Endurance and coordination training
  • Reaction and speed training
  • Improving punching power and punch combinations

Product details at a glance

  • Punching bag made of durable artificial leather
  • Weight: 60kg
  • Length: approx. 121 cm (4 feet)
  • Diameter: approx. 50 cm (20 inches)
  • 2 color design
  • Attachment with four suspension straps
  • Zipper at the top

High quality punching bag for big boxers

The punching bag has its nickname "Jumbo" for a reason: the length of the punching bag is approx. 121 cm , which makes it one of the largest punching bags in classic boxing. At 4ft, the TUF WEAR Balboa Jumbo (4ft) punching bag is exactly the right partner for all tall boxers - or for all those who want to incorporate kick combinations into their training from time to time. With a diameter of 20 inches, which corresponds to approx. 50 cm, the Balboa jumbo punching bag weighs 60 kg. No lightweight! If you want to train endurance and power, 60 kg should correspond to a maximum of 75% of your body weight. If you want to work on your speed and coordination, 60 kg should be a maximum of 50% of your body weight.

Your training partner in crime

You can rely on this punching bag! The Balboa Jumbo has a synthetic leather upper, which gives you a very robust punching bag . The material is durable and will take your hardest hits. In addition, the artificial leather can be easily cleaned after training. Four firmly sewn suspension straps ensure that you can hang the TUF WEAR Balboa Jumbo (4ft) punching bag directly from the ceiling or another structure. Since the suspension straps are sewn directly onto the punching bag, an optimally balanced attachment is possible. Make sure that the attachment is suitable for a 60 kg punching bag.


How big should the punching bag be?

Since you only work with fists and arms, punching bags up to a length of 120 cm are used in classic boxing. Depending on how tall you are, you should make sure that you choose a large punching bag that is 120 cm long.

How heavy should a punching bag be?

The weight of the punching bag not only depends on your own body weight, but also on your training goal. If you want to work on your speed, a lighter punching bag is recommended. On the other hand, if you want to increase endurance and power, you need a lot of resistance - i.e. a heavy punching bag.

How expensive is a punching bag?

The price of a punching bag depends heavily on the model. Size, weight and material affect how expensive a punching bag is.

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