Echtleder Boxsack Gigantor 137 cm 4´6 ft - sportyglee
Boxsack Gigantor 137 cm (4´6ft) Echtleder Classic Brown - Tuf Wear-Germany
Boxsack Gigantor 137 cm (4´6ft) Echtleder Classic Brown - Tuf Wear-Germany
Tuf Wear

Punching bag Gigantor 137 cm (4'6ft) genuine leather Classic Brown

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TUF WEAR Gigantor punching bag 137 cm (4'6 ft) in Classic Brown

This punching bag is truly a heavyweight in its class: 137 cm long and 65 kg in weight.

TUF WEAR Gigantor punching bag 137 cm in Classic Brown

  • Largest punching bag in the Classic Brown collection
  • Length: approx. 137 cm
  • Weight: about 65 kg
  • Shock absorbing foam padding
  • High-quality cowhide with an old-school look
  • TUF WEAR brand

Features of TUF WEAR Punching Bag Gigantor 137 cm in Classic Brown

Quality leather upper
High-quality cowhide leather was used for the upper material, which not only makes the punching bag look classy, ​​but also makes it classy - durable, tear-resistant, robust!

Gigantic dimensions
In the Classic Brown collection from TUF WEAR, this is truly the giant among the punching bags - with a length of 137 cm and a weight of 65 kg.

Shock absorbing padding
The soft filling of the TUF WEAR Gigantor punching bag is additionally covered with thin padding, which improves the shock absorption of the punches.

Old-school design
Genuine leather, classic brown: these are the key features of this popular collection from TUF WEAR. The unique old school design is reminiscent of the flair of bygone times.

TUF WEAR Gigantor Punching Bag 137 cm in Classic Brown is ideal for

  • Classic boxing training for tall boxers (heavyweight)
  • Endurance and fitness training
  • Improvement in punching power

Product details at a glance:

  • Material: high quality cowhide
  • Color: Classic Brown / Classic Brown
  • Length: approx. 137 cm (4 feet 6 inches)
  • Diameter: approx. 41 cm (16 inches)
  • Weight: 65 kg (pre-filled weight)
  • Padding: approx. 5 cm thick foam
  • Filling: scraps of fabric
  • Attachment with 6-hook chain (included)
  • Metal ring on the bottom for fixing
  • TUF WEAR brand

A gigantic punching bag

Attention heavyweight: The largest punching bag in the TUF WEAR Classic Brown collection!
With a weight of an impressive 65 kg and a length of approx. 137 cm , the TUF WEAR Gigantor punching bag is definitely a heavyweight - or the right punching bag for heavyweights! There is no bigger punching bag in TUF WEAR's Classic Brown Collection. With these dimensions, the TUF WEAR Gigantor punching bag is the right choice for all tall boxers and all those who want to work on their punching power and stamina and occasionally incorporate kicks into their training. Due to the weight of 65 kg , you have a high resistance, which is well dampened thanks to the 5 cm thick padding between the filling and real leather. Furthermore, the padding ensures an even surface and thus a well-groomed appearance of the TUF WEAR Gigantor punching bag. To attach the TUF WEAR Gigantor punching bag in Classic Brown, you need a 6-hook chain , which is available separately. There is also a robust metal ring on the underside so that you can fix the TUF WEAR Gigantor punching bag against swinging and train even better.

Old school design & genuine leather

The special thing about the TUF WEAR Gigantor punching bag is not only its size, but also the overall design. High-quality, soft cowhide has been carefully processed as the upper material. Genuine leather not only has a certain style. The real cowhide leather also ensures a tear-resistant, absolutely hard-wearing and durable punching bag on which you can train for many boxing sessions. The classic brown and the fine tanning create the typical old school look - a heavy bag with a retro design!


What weight should a punching bag have?

You should choose the weight of the punching bag depending on your training goal and your personal body weight. Lighter punching bags weighing 20 kg are suitable for moderate boxing training or cardio training at home. Punching bags with 30 kg are good for light boxers, with 50 kg for boxers up to 80 kg body weight and from 60 kg the punching bags are suitable for heavy boxers.

What are the advantages of a genuine leather punching bag?

Punching bags made of genuine leather are considered to be true premium class. Real leather promises high quality and a long service life. Punching bags made of genuine leather are also very tear-resistant and robust, making them ideal for intensive training sessions and high demands.

How do I attach a punching bag?

You attach the classic punching bag to an appropriate bracket, the ceiling or a beam. As a rule, punching bags have metal rings or suspension straps to which you attach a stable hook chain, which in turn is connected to the bracket.

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    Marijana Lipic

    Schaut cool aus ein richtiger Hingucker. Schönes Leder und man kann sich richtig austoben. Auch die Größe von Bocksack ist perfekt, man kann auch mit dem Fuß ordentlich rein treten.