Boxsack Classic Braun 102 cm (3ft) - sportyglee
Leder Boxsack Classic Braun 102 cm (3ft) - Tuf Wear-Germany
Leder Boxsack Classic Braun 102 cm (3ft) - Tuf Wear-Germany
Leder Boxsack Classic Braun 102 cm (3ft) - Tuf Wear-Germany
Leder Boxsack Classic Braun 102 cm (3ft) - Tuf Wear-Germany
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Leather Punching Bag Classic Brown 102 cm (3ft)

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TUF WEAR Punching Bag Classic Brown / Old School 3ft

A classic punching bag through and through: from length to weight to design!

  • High quality genuine leather
  • Filled with scraps of fabric
  • Cushioning foam layer
  • Length approx. 102 cm
  • Weight approx. 33 kg
  • Attachment with hook chain ( included )
  • Floor mounting with metal ring possible

Features of Leather punching bag Classic Brown / Old School 3ft

Long life span
Thanks to the use of genuine leather as the upper material, this punching bag is characterized by its high level of robustness and durability, which makes it very durable overall.

Old-school design
The combination of high-quality leather and classic brown makes the punching bag a real highlight with a retro look.

Get started straight away
We deliver the TUF WEAR leather punching bag Classic Brown / Old School 3ft including a hook chain so that you can start training right away.

Reduced pendulum behaviour
If you want to make your punching training more effective, you can use the D-ring on the underside of the punching bag to reduce the pendulum behavior.

TUF WEAR Punching Bag Classic Brown Old-School ideal for

  • Boxing training at home or in the gym
  • All kinds of boxing exercises for endurance, endurance, responsiveness, speed
  • Well suited for classic boxing

Product details at a glance:

  • Classic brown quality leather
  • Filled with clean scraps of fabric
  • Foam sleeve for shock absorption
  • Length: approx. 102 cm (3ft / 48 inches)
  • Diameter: approx. 38 cm (15 inches)
  • Weight: about 33 kg
  • Requires a 4 hook chain (included)
  • Metal ring on the underside for floor mounting
  • TUF WEAR brand, embroidered
  • Design: Classic Brown / Old School

A versatile punching bag

The TUF WEAR leather punching bag in Classic Brown can be used in a variety of ways due to its length and weight - especially when boxers with different training goals practice on it. The approx. 102 cm long and approx. 33 kg heavy punching bag is well suited for intensive training for lighter boxers (up to approx. 60 kg body weight) and moderate training for heavier boxers (up to approx. 80 kg body weight. In length the TUF WEAR leather punching bag in Classic Brown (3ft) is also a good average and is particularly suitable for effective punching training.And you can start training right away, because we supply you with the 4-hook chain to attach the punching bag To reduce sway, the TUF WEAR Leather Punching Bag in Classic Brown (3ft) features a D-ring at the bottom.

Really old school, really high quality!

The genuine leather upper provides two special features of the TUF WEAR punching bag in Classic Brown (3ft): On the one hand, the unique old school look that exudes the flair of earlier boxing booths - retro, but very classy. On the other hand, the genuine leather naturally ensures high quality. Real leather is characterized by a high tear resistance and resilience, which last but not least leads to a long service life of the punching bag. The filling made of scraps of fabric, scanned for metal objects, is encased in padding about 5 cm thick. This not only ensures optimal shock absorption up to the elbows and shoulders, but also an even appearance and a smooth surface.


What material should a punching bag be made of?

Most punching bags are made of real or synthetic leather in the upper material. Both the real leather has its advantages as well as the artificial leather made of PU. Real leather promises a very long service life for the punching bag - thanks to the material's extreme tear resistance.

What weight should a punching bag have?

You can choose from different weight classes for punching bags. Make sure that the weight matches your body weight and training goal. For example, you can improve your speed on a light punching bag, and your punching power on a heavy one.

How do you securely attach a punching bag?

As a rule, a special bracket is used for attachment or the punching bag is secured directly to the ceiling or a beam (made of wood, steel). In any case, you should check whether the construction is sufficiently resilient. You can then hang up the punching bag quickly and easily using the hook chain.