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Angle punching bag Classic Brown 34 kg

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Angle punching bag Classic Brown 34 kg

  • High quality genuine leather
  • Filled with scraps of fabric
  • Foam padding for shock absorption
  • 6 hook chain for attachment
  • TUF WEAR brand

TUF WEAR Angle punching bag Classic Brown 34 kg

High quality genuine leather
The upper material made of real cowhide offers you as a boxer many advantages. The Angle punching bag Classic Brown is durable, tear-resistant and durable.

body-like shape
As an angle bag, the punching bag imitates the human body so that you can train on it in a particularly realistic way - especially different punch combinations.

Tested fabric filling
The filling, which consists of leftover fabric, is carefully scanned so that metal or other hard objects cannot get into the punching bag and injure you during training.

Secure attachment
D-rings for the 6-hook chain were sewn on so that the Angle punching bag Classic Brown, which weighs approx. 34 kg, can be securely attached to the ceiling.

TUF WEAR Angle punching bag Classic Brown is ideal for

  • Realistic training & classic boxing
  • Endurance and fitness training
  • Optimization of hitting techniques and hitting power

Product details at a glance:

  • Genuine cowhide
  • Color: Classic Brown / Classic Brown
  • Weight: about 34 kg
  • Attachment with 6-hook chain
  • TUF WEAR brand, embroidered

The punching bag for realistic training

The TUF WEAR Angle punching bag Classic Brown is your ideal training partner if you want to practice your punch combinations and techniques as realistically as possible. Because the punching bag made of high-quality genuine leather is an angle bag that imitates the human body shape. Since the TUF WEAR Angle punching bag Classic Brown is slightly wider at the top than at the bottom, you benefit from varied training. For example, you can practice uppercuts on the curves of the Angle Bag - yes, perfect them! The upper made of high-quality cowhide leather will withstand your blows. Real leather is characterized by its high tear resistance and durability, so that with the TUF WEAR Angle punching bag Classic Brown you get a durable boxing accessory.

Safe training with TUF WEAR

The Angle punching bag Classic Brown has a weight of approx. 34 kg. The filling consists of clean scraps of fabric. This means that the punching bag is free of metal or other hard objects that could injure you during training. For this purpose, the fabric filling was carefully scanned. For optimal shock absorption, the filling is covered with approx. 5 cm thick padding. This also ensures an even surface of the punching bag. The six D-rings, to which the stable hook chain can be attached, ensure secure anchoring in the ceiling. With this you train on a safe punching bag!


What is special about Angle Bags?

There are many different punching bags. Angle bags are one of the special variants because they have a special shape. The upper part is thicker, the lower part narrower. This is intended to imitate the human body so that you can train special punch combinations and techniques such as uppercuts as realistically as possible on the curves.

What size punching bag do you need?

In classic boxing, for which the Angle Bag Classic Brown is also suitable, punching bags up to approx. 120 cm are usually used. If the punching bags are longer, approx. 150 cm, and therefore narrower, they are usually kickboxing punching bags, since kicking techniques can also be trained here.

What material should a punching bag be made of?

When it comes to punching bags, you can usually choose between models made of imitation leather or genuine leather. Both materials have their own characteristics and advantages. Real leather is considered to be very tear-resistant and therefore robust and durable.

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    Einer der besten Boxsäcke

    .. die ich jemals gekauft hatte. Schon alleine die Optik ist der Hammer. Richtiges Old School Design. Von der verarbeitung her ein absolutes Qualitätsurteil. Anfangs war der Preis vielleicht etwas im Gedanken zu hoch, aber ich wurde total überzeugt. Werd mir noch einen braunen Boxsack von Tuf Wear zulegen. Das sind einfach richtige Liebhaberstücke.