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PU punching bag standard 153 cm (5ft)

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TUF WEAR PU Punching Bag Standard (5ft)

The long heavy bag for your home training, the gym or boxing studio - a practical punching bag with a length of 153 cm.

PU punching bag Standard (5ft) by TUF WEAR

  • Durable faux leather
  • Length about 153 cm
  • Filling made from scraps of fabric
  • Including fabric straps for hanging
  • TUF WEAR brand

Properties of TUF WEAR PU Punching Bag Standard (5ft)

Extra-long punching bag
5 ft. This makes the TUF WEAR PU punching bag Standard one of the longer punching bags. It is equally suitable for tall athletes in classic boxing as well as athletes who work with knees, legs and feet in kickboxing and similar boxing disciplines.

Durable material
The PU punching bag Standard (5ft) is made of durable artificial leather. So you can really work out on the punching bag without damaging the high durability and robustness of the material.

Easy cleaning
The coated surface makes it super easy for you to clean the punching bag. Moisture such as sweat or other dirt is gone in no time at all. This in turn ensures a long service life of the punching bag.

Get started straight away
Would you like to start boxing training straight away? No problem. The PU punching bag standard (5ft) has firmly sewn suspension straps that you can attach to a D-ring and thus securely attach to the ceiling mount.

TUF WEAR PU Punching Bag Standard (5ft) ideal for

  • Punching and kicking exercises
  • People weighing 60 kg or more
  • Boxing training at home / for fitness and endurance

Product details at a glance:

  • Material: artificial leather (PU), approx. 1.2 mm thick coating
  • Filling: Cloth remnants (scanned for metallic objects)
  • Length: approx. 153 cm (5ft)
  • Weight: about 32 kg
  • Diameter: approx. 33 cm
  • Color: Black
  • Attachment with 4-point belt
  • TUF WEAR brand

For versatile boxing training

Whether you want to train at home in a private boxing studio or in the gym with others: The PU punching bag standard (5ft) from TUF WEAR is one of the longer heavy bags with a length of 153 cm. This not only makes it ideal for tall boxers, but also offers the opportunity to vary the boxing training and occasionally try out leg and foot exercises. With a diameter of 33 cm and a weight of 32 kg, the PU standard punching bag (5ft) is even suitable for training sessions in kickboxing. Due to the comparatively low weight, the punching bag is particularly suitable for improving speed and coordination. For attachment, the TUF WEAR PU punching bag Standard (5ft) has four stably sewn textile straps that are hung on a D-ring.

Robust punching bag free from animal suffering

Another advantage of the TUF WEAR PU punching bag Standard (5ft) is the artificial leather in the upper material. On the one hand, artificial leather coated with PU is extremely tear-resistant, robust and hard-wearing, so it seems to be just the right material for intensive boxing. On the other hand, the punching bag is guaranteed free from animal suffering. If you also want to keep animal welfare in mind when choosing a punching bag, and not just the price, you are making a good decision with the PU standard from TUF WEAR. Thanks to the smooth, coated surface, the punching bag is also very easy to clean. Most dirt can be removed with a damp cloth. Special care is usually not necessary. This is extremely practical for everyday use in the gym or boxing studio.


What advantages does a punching bag made of synthetic leather offer me?

Imitation leather is by no means inferior to real leather. In fact, it even offers ample benefits over the animal product. Because you always get the same quality, a reliable product - free from animal suffering. In addition, punching bags made of imitation leather are characterized by their high resilience and low price.

Which size should you choose for the punching bag?

The size of the punching bag should always depend on your height and your boxing sport. Kickboxers, for example, work a lot with their legs and feet, so they need a long punching bag. In classic boxing, the focus is on the upper body and working with hands and arms, so that a shorter punching bag of up to 120 cm is usually sufficient. An extra-long punching bag is recommended for tall boxers.

What weight should you choose for the punching bag?

When it comes to the weight of the punching bag, you should make sure that a light punching bag offers less resistance, so you also need less punching power (usually with a low body weight). At the same time you can box faster. With a heavy punching bag, you have more resistance and can optimize your punching power and endurance.