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Balboa Jumbo Punching Bag (4ft) 40kg

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TUF WEAR Balboa Jumbo Punching Bag (4ft) 40kg

  • Durable faux leather
  • 2 color design
  • about 40 kg heavy
  • approx. 121 cm long
  • TUF WEAR brand

Features of Balboa Jumbo Punching Bag (4ft) 40 kg

Robust upper material
So that you can train on a particularly robust punching bag, synthetic leather was used in the upper material. It is durable and easy to care for.

48 inch length
The 4ft long Balboa punching bag is not called "Jumbo" without reason. With a length of approx. 121 cm, it is one of the large punching bags in classic boxing.

TUF WEAR brand
Boxing like Rocky Balboa. You can definitely do that with the Balbo punching bag - not only because of the concise lettering, but also because the proven TUF WEAR quality is behind it.

TUF WEAR Balboa Jumbo Punching Bag (4ft) is ideal for

  • Endurance and coordination training
  • Reaction and speed training
  • Improving punching power and punch combinations

Product details at a glance:

  • material: Synthetic leather
  • Hard wearing, easy to clean, long lasting
  • Design: 2 color
  • Length: approx. 121 cm (4ft / 48 inches)
  • Weight: about 40kg
  • Diameter: approx. 50 cm (20 inches)
  • Attachment with hanging straps (already sewn)
  • TUF WEAR brand

For training & competition preparation

TUF WEAR simply proved it's a brand for true boxing champions. So there's no question that the TUF WEAR Balboa Jumbo punching bag (4ft) is a must for your training or preparing for a competition. The TUF WEAR Balboa Jumbo punching bag (4ft) is made of high-quality artificial leather , so that the upper material is particularly durable and easy to care for . Whether cross punch or hook: the jumbo punching bag reliably takes all punches. Whether you're a beginner training in your own four walls or preparing for a competition, the TUF WEAR Balboa Jumbo Punching Bag (4ft) has the endurance you need to keep up with your performance.

Everything you need for boxing

The TUF WEAR Balboa punching bag is not called "Jumbo" for nothing. With its 4ft, the punching bag is around 121 cm long and therefore a real size. This model is particularly suitable for all boxers who are also tall or who occasionally want to practice kick combinations. With a weight of 40 kg , the TUF WEAR Balboa Jumbo punching bag (4ft) is suitable for a wide range of boxers - or for you at home. Since four suspension straps have already been sewn onto the top, you get everything you need for boxing with the punching bag and you don't have to buy a separate suspension.


What material should a punching bag be made of?

You can usually choose between punching bags made of imitation leather or real leather. Both materials have their advantages. Imitation leather, for example, impresses with its high durability and easy care. The price is also very attractive for many boxers.

Which punching bag should I buy?

There are different types of punching bags, each designed for a specific purpose. You can try out and perfect many different techniques on a classic heavy bag. It is part of the standard equipment of a boxer.

How much does a good punching bag have to cost?

The price of a punching bag varies - among other things due to the material, the size or the filling. As a rule, artificial leather punching bags are cheaper than real leather punching bags. But that doesn't mean that they're inferior in quality. The choice of material is often a matter of taste.