Boxing workout at home: how to keep fit with boxing!


Boxing keeps you fit

Boxing has long since made it out of the basement of the boxing club and into the living rooms of many people. Because boxing is an excellent sport to keep fit. So you can train even if you don't want to compete and want to become a professional.

What you will learn in this post:

  • What effect boxing workouts have on you
  • How to do fitness boxing at home
  • What you should pay attention to as a beginner

Boxing: Positive effects for body & mind

Boxing training has a variety of effects on you, because you not only train your body, but also your mind. Above all, you don't have to worry about injuries or that boxing is particularly violent when boxing at home, because you train without a real opponent.

improving fitness

It doesn't matter whether you're a professional boxer or a hobby boxer: If you do boxing training regularly and with a high level of motivation, you will quickly notice the first changes in your body. Boxing helps you get fitter, lose weight, tone your body and build muscle. In an hour of punching bag training, boxers burn up to 800 calories. Boxing is one of the most physically demanding sports. And you won't just build muscle in your arms and shoulders. In a varied boxing training session, your entire body is challenged - from head to toe. You have to take cover, dodge, change the distance to the target. This will train your upper body as well as your abdominal and back muscles, your legs and calves. The muscles are strengthened in depth, which also gives you a completely different posture.

More self-confidence & body awareness

Through boxing you get to know your body again. The training will help you build more confidence and be more self-aware. Women in particular feel this effect through the security of being able to defend themselves in the event of an attack. And even if you never use the punching techniques against another person, you will feel more confident in everyday life and in sports. Against this background, boxing is also often recommended for shy or anxious people who simply experience a new body and mindset during training.

Reduce stress & frustration

With a hit on the punching bag you release an incredible amount of energy. That relieves a lot of stress and frustration. In addition, there is of course physical activity, which also reduces stress through the production of happiness hormones and adrenaline. With a training session on the punching bag, you can quickly clear your head.

Just learn to box at home

Fitness boxing has the great advantage that you don't compete against a real opponent, but simply train with a punching bag or a punching ball. So many people only do boxing as a sport and to keep fit, not with the aim of sparring or competing. This also means that you can learn fitness boxing at home without any problems.

BUT: Even if you're just hitting a punching bag and not fighting real opponents, you should be disciplined when executing the punching techniques and basic positions. Even without a partner, there is a risk of injury when boxing - for example, if you hit the punching bag incorrectly or twist your wrist. So always train at home on the punching bag with a clean execution of the punching techniques.

You can start your first workout without a lot of boxing equipment by familiarizing yourself with the punching techniques. Jab, hook, upper cut - you can easily practice the various punches and later also boxing combinations without boxing gloves and a punching bag. Shadow boxing or boxing in front of the mirror is ideal for this. Try different punching techniques and combinations, try to integrate squats and dodges - and you've got your first boxing workout. For more tips, check out our training plan for beginners .

What should you watch out for as a beginner in boxing?

As already mentioned, you should always pay attention to a correct basic posture in your box display and the clean execution of the hitting techniques. Because even if you are not fighting against a punching bag or opponent, you can injure your muscles and tendons if you do it incorrectly. Ideally, you should do a short warm-up before every boxing workout to prepare your body and especially your muscles for the training.

If you want to improve your fitness on a punching bag, make sure 1. that you never punch without boxing gloves (they protect your ankles and wrists), and 2. that you choose the right punching bag. There are different models - for example a classic heavy bag and angular punching bag - and different sizes and weight classes. A punching bag weighing 20 to 30 kg is usually sufficient for a simple fitness workout - depending on body weight and punching power. The punching bag must not be too light, otherwise it will swing back and forth too much. But it mustn't be too heavy either, otherwise you'd be punching in front of a wall.

Customers ask, we answer!

How effective is punching bag training?

Training on a punching bag is extremely effective. You can burn up to 800 calories per hour. Boxing is therefore very demanding and just as demanding as jogging, jumping rope or climbing.

Who can start boxing?

As long as you are physically fit, there is nothing wrong with learning to box. However, children should wait at least until they are 6 years old to slowly learn to box on the boxing stand.

How do you start boxing?

You should know the basic position and then gradually practice the different striking techniques. The more experienced you are in these processes, the more you can vary or try out different box combinations.

What is included in the first boxing equipment for beginners?

You don't need any equipment for your first workouts, you can simply practice shadow boxing without gloves or a punching bag. If you want to train on a punching bag or boxing ball at some point, we definitely recommend boxing gloves to protect your fingers and hands from injuries.

Photo by Piotr Arnoldes on Pexels

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