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Achte bei den Boxhandschuhen auf das Gewicht und dein Trainingsziel

At the latest when you've spent a little time looking for the right boxing gloves, you'll find that it's not that easy to find the right pair. Many providers speak of sizes and only state the weight of the boxing gloves. But how do you find the right boxing gloves? We have put together an overview with recommendations for the individual weight classes.

Boxing gloves - weight in ounces

The "size" of boxing gloves is often given in ounces. This is simply the weight of the boxing gloves. Unzen means ounce in English, hence the abbreviation "oz" in boxing gloves. An ounce weighs 28.35 grams.

Here are the weights for all common boxing glove models:

1oz 28.35g
8 oz 226.80g
10 oz 283.50g
12 oz 340.20g
14 oz 396.90g
16 oz 453.60g
18 oz 510.30g
20 oz 567.00g

Choose boxing gloves according to body weight: Just a guide value!

In boxing, there is a rough rule of thumb that an athlete with a higher body weight should also choose a boxing glove with a higher weight. The reason: It is assumed that a person with a higher body weight also has a higher punching power and therefore needs a better padded boxing glove. You could also say: A light person will usually have difficulties training or boxing with (too) heavy boxing gloves for a long time.

Your own body weight is always only a reference value for the boxing gloves. The decisive factor is the intended use (training, sparring, competition) and personal preferences as to whether you prefer to box with a lighter or heavier boxing glove.

Most athletes box in competitions with lighter boxing gloves and train with heavier boxing gloves.

Here we have summarized a few recommendations for you:

body weight Training Competition
Children & young people 6 to 8 oz x
up to 60 kg 8 to 12 oz 10 to 12 oz
up to 75 kg 12 to 14 oz 10 to 12 oz
up to 80 kg 14 to 16 oz 10 to 12 oz
from 90 kg from 16 oz 10 to 12 oz

Especially when training with a sparring partner, boxing gloves with a higher weight or higher padding should be used to avoid injuries. When training on the punching bag or on the punching ball you are welcome to use boxing gloves with less padding. If you're looking for boxing gloves for a match, always check your boxing association's rules to make sure you're choosing the weight class allowed.

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels

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