What gloves do you use in kickboxing?

Boxhandschuhe Kickboxen

Kickboxen und Muay Thai haben andere Techniken als klassisches Boxen

Kickboxing - and also Muay Thai - differs from "classic" boxing, as known from the Rocky Balboa films or from world boxing champions such as the Klitschko brothers and Tyson Fury. This also means that the boxing equipment is different. In this article, we will tell you which gloves you should choose best for kickboxing and similar martial arts. It's important to understand the differences so you can buy the right protective gear for boxing.

Kickboxing and Muay Thai: Differences to classic boxing

As long as you are in training and not participating in competitions, nobody will forbid you to use the ordinary boxing gloves that are used for classic boxing training in kickboxing or muay thai. But you will notice very clearly that it makes sense to choose suitable kickboxing boxing gloves.

In competition, suitable Muay Thai or gloves for kickboxing are mandatory. Then at the latest you have to get yourself a suitable pair.

Kickboxen erfordert eine geeignete Wahl der Boxhandschuhe

Kickboxing and Muay Thai - or MMA - differ in fighting style and fighting techniques from classic boxing, in which mainly the arms or fists are used.

In kickboxing and Muay Thai, the elbows, legs and knees are used in addition to the fists to defeat the opponent. The clinching (clinging) is a common technique in Asian martial arts - in classic boxing, on the other hand, it is frowned upon.

Gloves for Kickboxing and Muay Thai: what are the differences?

One of the most important features of gloves for kickboxing or muay thai is the less heavily padded back of the hand. This makes the boxing gloves for kickboxing thinner and more flexible - ideal for performing the various techniques such as clinching. At the same time, gloves for kickboxing and muay thai have more padding on the inside. The reason: This way you can better fend off the kicks and punches of the opponent.

How do you find the right boxing gloves for kickboxing?

As with classic boxing gloves, you also have a large selection of models for kickboxing and similar martial arts. The models differ in material, weight and price - of course also in color, but that is purely a question of taste.


Kickbox and Muay Thai gloves, like classic boxing gloves, are usually made of leather or synthetic leather. While leather is considered more durable and robust, synthetic leather is lighter and cheaper, especially for beginners. If you choose genuine leather boxing gloves, note that they do not like moisture and will otherwise crack. So after training, let them air out well so that the sweat evaporates, and never leave them lying around wet. Imitation leather and other synthetic upper materials are significantly less sensitive and also easier to care for.


Boxing gloves for kickboxing and muay thai are also classified in ounces (oz). The indication of the ounces is also referred to as "size", which is somewhat misleading. The selection usually includes boxing gloves from 8 oz to 16 oz / 18 oz. With regard to the weight of the boxing gloves, you should consider your body weight and your punching power (more body weight = often more punching power = more ounces for more padding). On the other hand, the intended use also plays a role: In training, you are welcome to use heavier gloves to better prepare yourself and build up strength. In competition, you must follow the guidelines regarding the weight of the boxing gloves.

Most athletes in Europe use 10 oz or 12 oz boxing gloves.

If you need a recommendation for the weight of kickboxing gloves, check out our overview here


The price is mainly determined by the material that has been processed. Real leather boxing gloves are usually more expensive than synthetic leather ones.

Kickboxing gloves with Velcro or laces?

It's basically a matter of personal preference. Many athletes prefer the easy-to-use Velcro fastener during training, with which you can "free" yourself from the boxing gloves if in doubt. Others prefer to use boxing gloves with lacing, as these are often more durable and easier to replace.

Only boxing gloves with laces are allowed in competitions. Plastic or metal items are prohibited.

It is not easy to find the right boxing gloves for kickboxing, muay thai or even classic boxing, as there are many things to consider. So take your time when making your choice or contact us to help you make the right choice.

Photo by Pavel Danilyuk on Pexels


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