What does 10 oz mean for boxing gloves?


Die Boxhandschuhe sind dein wichtigstes Equipment beim Boxen

If you are looking for new boxing gloves and decide to buy a pair of 10 oz, you choose relatively light boxing gloves. We will explain to you what exactly 10 oz boxing gloves are all about and for which purpose they are ideally suited.

Boxing gloves 10 oz - what does that mean?

"oz" is the abbreviation for the English word for ounces (ounce). This designation indicates the weight of the boxing gloves - which is particularly important in competitions in order to meet the applicable regulations as an athlete. To know how heavy 10 oz boxing gloves are, you have to know how much an ounce is in grams.

1 ounce = 28.35 grams
10 ounces = 283.50 grams

10 oz indicate the weight of boxing gloves and often allow conclusions to be drawn about the padding. However, 10 oz says nothing about the size of the boxing gloves. Therefore, it is irrelevant whether 10 oz boxing gloves are worn by women or men.

You can find an overview of all weight classes for boxing gloves (ounces and grams) here.

Why is the weight of the boxing gloves relevant?

The world association AIBA sets the rules for Olympic boxing, which must be implemented by the national boxing associations. These regulations include specifications for the weight of the boxing gloves, depending on the weight class and martial arts. In the European competition, the boxing gloves usually have a weight of 10 oz or 12 oz.

But there is another reason why you should pay attention to the weight when choosing boxing gloves:

Boxhandschuhe mit 10 oz sind 283,50 Gramm schwer

The weight of the boxing gloves should be adjusted to your own body weight (as a guide) and personal preferences during training. With regard to your own body weight, the following applies as a rough guide: the more body weight, the heavier the boxing gloves can be. In addition, however, personal preferences in training and the level of training in general must be taken into account. If you weigh relatively little but have a lot of muscle strength, you can also use heavier boxing gloves. Beginners who first need to develop power and build muscle should choose lighter boxing gloves.

Last but not least, one should ask oneself whether the 10 oz boxing gloves are ideal for the training goal? If you are already wearing boxing gloves with 10 oz in competition, it is worth wearing boxing gloves with a higher weight in preparation - around 12 oz or 14 oz. The extra weight increases the training effect and ensures that the arms feel "lighter" in competition and the punches almost "fly".

Who are 10 oz boxing gloves suitable for?

As already mentioned, the choice of boxing gloves depends on various factors. In principle, however, one can orientate oneself to the following "rules":

  • 10 oz boxing gloves are usually suitable for women and men up to a body weight of approx. 60 kg. But: The more impact power, the heavier the boxing gloves should be, since they then also have a higher padding.
  • For the competition, boxing gloves with a weight of 10 oz are usually used.

Since boxing gloves with 10 oz are usually worn in European competitions, these boxing gloves are among the best-selling in this country.

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