How much do good boxing gloves cost? Models & Prices


How much do good boxing gloves cost?

The good thing first: You can get good boxing gloves for relatively little money. When buying your boxing gloves, you should not go by the price, but pay attention to other criteria.

What you will learn in this post:

  • There are entry-level and professional models
  • The material affects the price
  • Cheap boxing gloves are not inferior

How much do boxing gloves generally cost?

As with pretty much everything in life, there are cheap and expensive models for boxing gloves. At TUF WEAR, for example, you can find boxing gloves for less than 50 euros. These are ideal boxing gloves for beginners who are just beginning regular training on the punching bag and do not yet need boxing gloves for competitions or sparring. Although the cheap boxing gloves are often referred to as entry -level models, there are also many experienced boxers and amateurs who wear them. There are special reasons for this, which we will tell you more about later in the article.

Boxing gloves for competitions are usually more expensive because they have a very high quality, multi-layer padding to absorb the hard hits well. In addition, the upper material of many competition boxing gloves is made of genuine leather, which is simply more expensive to produce. At TUF WEAR you can find competition boxing gloves for around 150 euros.

What criteria do good boxing gloves have to meet?

As already mentioned at the beginning, you should not go by the price when buying your boxing gloves. It is neither wise to buy the cheapest model directly, nor the most expensive across the board, because they are supposedly the best boxing gloves. When buying your boxing gloves, other criteria should play a much more important role:

quality and processing

Whether cheap or expensive boxing gloves: If the material and the padding are not properly processed, you can throw them straight into the bin after a few uses. Or worse: The inferior quality leads to an increased risk of injury - both for you and for your opponent in sparring or competition. TUF WEAR offers reasonable prices for well-made boxing gloves. You can also find boxing gloves from some manufacturers that cost significantly less. But here you should ask yourself how reliably they were processed and how quickly they can break. You have not saved any money with cheap products , but usually have to buy a new pair of boxing gloves after a short time. Always keep in mind here that boxing gloves - apart from boxing wraps - are the only equipment in boxing that protects your hands. And that also protects the opponent from injury. Any boxing trainer or boxing athlete will tell you that traditional boxing is all about minimizing the risk of injury.

Upper & Padding

Both the material and the padding is a factor that affects the price of the boxing gloves. Boxing gloves made of PU are usually cheaper than boxing gloves made of genuine cowhide or goatskin. This does not necessarily mean that synthetic leather made from PU (polyurethane) is less durable. On the contrary: Most boxing gloves are made of plastic today, as it is a very robust and easy-care material. Leather only has an advantage in terms of durability and lifespan if you take proper care of your boxing gloves. Otherwise, micro-cracks can appear in the leather, which in the worst case can cause serious injuries to the opponent. Whether you choose artificial or real leather boxing gloves is a question of price on the one hand, but also a personal question on the other: boxing gloves made of real leather are stronger and heavier. There are many amateurs and professionals who would never box with leather boxing gloves. When choosing the material and padding, you should primarily consider the intended use of your boxing gloves. For training on the punching bag , you can use cheap boxing gloves made of synthetic leather that don't have too thick padding. On the other hand, if you are looking for boxing gloves for sparring, choose reliable padding to minimize the risk of injury for you and your opponent. With a sparring boxing glove made of soft PU, you also reduce the likelihood of serious injuries.

weight of boxing gloves

Although the weight of the boxing gloves does not affect the price, it is a selection criterion. Because the weight of the boxing gloves (in ounces, oz) should fit the purpose and your personal body weight. We summarize the most important information on this topic in this article.

Our boxing glove recommendations for training, sparring and competition

VICTOR PU boxing gloves by TUF WEAR
ATOM sparring boxing gloves TUF WEAR
Saber boxing gloves for competition
VICTOR boxing gloves by TUF WEAR ATOM sparring boxing gloves TUF WEAR Saber competition boxing gloves by TUF WEAR
  • Robust PU material
  • Reliable injection molded foam padding
  • Sturdy Velcro fastener and non-slip inner lining for a better grip
  • ideal for training
  • Durable faux leather
  • Injection molded foam in the finger area for more shock absorption
  • double velcro closure
  • ideal for intensive sparring
  • High-quality genuine leather (cowhide)
  • Multi-layer padding
  • with lacing
  • ideal for competition
directly to the product directly to the product directly to the product

Conclusion: cheap boxing gloves are not inferior, expensive ones are not necessarily the best!

Boxing gloves made of imitation leather are cheaper(er), which does not mean inferior quality. At the same time, expensive boxing gloves made of real leather are not always the better choice - especially if you are actually looking for boxing gloves for punching bag training or sparring. Take the time to choose the right boxing gloves for you according to the criteria mentioned - and not to go by the price. Photo by ThisIsEngineering on Pexels

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