Price question: How much does a good punching bag cost?


How expensive is a punching bag?

Of course, if you want to buy a punching bag to do boxing training at home, for example, the question of price is important. On the one hand you don't want to pay too much money for a punching bag, on the other hand you don't want to buy cheap goods that break after just a few training sessions. We'll tell you what a good punching bag costs!

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  • Which factors influence the price of the punching bag
  • How much money you should spend on a good punching bag

How much does a punching bag cost approximately?

If you want to practice boxing more or less seriously, you should not buy cheap goods. Calculate at least 100 to 150 euros for a cheap but reliable punching bag. Depending on the variant and material as well as weight and length, the prices for punching bags can vary greatly and can cost several hundred euros. You will find out more details later...but first we would like to take a look at what makes the price difference in punching bags.

What factors influence the price of the punching bag?

As with everything in boxing equipment - or in general in the sports and fitness area - there are numerous different variants of a product. This also applies to the punching bag. The biggest influencing factors on the price of the punching bag include:

  • material
  • height and weight
  • shape
  • other factors

Material as a price factor for the punching bag

The upper actually has a very big impact on what you end up paying for the punching bag. Punching bags made of imitation leather and genuine leather have become established in both the hobby and professional sectors. There are also some modern textile variants, such as Canva, but this is not recommended. Although textiles are quite cheap, they are hardly suitable as the upper material for a punching bag. The fabrics have a rough surface, which makes them susceptible to dirt and dust. You can't just wipe them down with a rag and it's all gone - like with faux or real leather. In addition, the fabrics rub through quickly, causing cracks that in turn could damage your boxing gloves.
Artificial and genuine leather are significantly more durable, tear-resistant and resilient . Since real leather is a natural or animal product, it is understandably more expensive than artificial leather. Real leather, for example cowhide, also offers the advantage that it is considered to be very durable. However, you have to pay attention to the right care here. Even real leather can become brittle and tear. If you want to spend a little less money and buy a product that is cruelty-free, buy a leatherette punching bag. With artificial leather, for example, you also have the advantage that it is much easier to care for and you can thus ensure a long service life.

Size and weight as price factors for a punching bag

Of course, a punching bag that weighs 25 kg and is 100 cm long costs less than a punching bag that weighs 40 kg and is 150 cm long. More punching bag, more material, more costs. In this respect, size and weight naturally have an influence on the price of the punching bag. Basically, you should assume that you have to invest more money for a larger punching bag.

Shape as a price factor for a punching bag

There is not only one classic punching bag as a heavy bag, but different forms - variants of punching bags. The typical punching bag is cylindrical in shape like a large, uniform roll. The Angle Bag has an angular shape that replicates the human torso, so you can improve your shots very realistically. There are also special punching bags that you can use to train a specific punching technique - for example the speed ball, the double-ended ball or the wrecking ball. They are all much smaller and cheaper, but only provide one in an ambitious to professional boxing training session addition to the classic punching bag.
Another price factor is also the filling . On the one hand, it makes a price difference whether you buy a filled or unfilled punching bag, understandably! And on the other hand, it depends on the filling material. In most cases, scraps of fabric are used to fill the punching bag. Some punching bags are also filled with corn. Some modern variants are filled with water. In our experience, however, leftover fabric works best - it is soft and has the strength needed for a punching bag.

How much does a good punching bag cost?

As already mentioned, you should be aware that you should invest some money for a good punching bag. Punching bags under 100 euros do not promise high quality and durability. They are only suitable as a fun accessory, but not for regular training. If you want to do a light to moderate fitness or cardio workout on the punching bag, we recommend a standard punching bag made of synthetic leather. The prices for artificial leather punching bags vary between approx. 140 and 170 euros depending on size and weight. Depending on the model and weight, the prices for imitation leather punching bags can be several hundred euros.

If you are looking for an absolutely resilient punching bag for intensive training, the gym or the boxing club, we recommend a genuine leather model. But here you have to invest several hundred euros for a standard punching bag up to approx. 100 cm and 30 kg. But you have a high-quality genuine leather punching bag that can take a lot of punches.

Punching bag: Why you shouldn't buy cheap junk!

If you hit a punching bag, high forces are at work. It will certainly take some time before you break the upper material, but the suspension and processing of the punching bag could be affected much earlier. With cheaply produced punching bags, you will quickly see that the seams will burst open. In the worst case, the punching bag will fly out of the safety device during training and fall to the ground if the metal rings are not processed stable enough. When making your purchase, also pay attention to the safety aspect, which is very important in boxing.

Photo by Los Muertos Crew on Pexels

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