Information & tips: Which punching bag for children?


Which punching bag should children use?

Is your child interested in boxing or are you looking for a sport where your child can really work out? Then the question of the right punching bag for children will certainly come up quickly. We would like to give you some information and tips on how to choose the right children's punching bag!

What you will learn in this post:

  • Heavily debated: Is boxing good for children?
  • What children learn while boxing!
  • When should kids start boxing?
  • Which punching bag is suitable for children!

How good is boxing for kids

Some parents believe that boxing makes their kids aggressive or that boxing will expose them to "thugs." Others consider boxing to be an effective sport that challenges their children mentally and physically on many levels. And that's exactly how it is. Because boxing has nothing to do with brutality and aggressiveness. Rather, it's about behaving in a disciplined and controlled manner and measuring yourself at eye level with an equal opponent. This is why boxing safety is a top priority - especially for children whose joints and bones are not yet mature.

What do children learn in boxing training?

Boxing challenges children, just like adults, both physically and mentally. In the physical area, boxing trains endurance, coordination, responsiveness, speed, strength and precision. For this, however, the head must be 100% free and clear. In boxing, you learn discipline, self-confidence and self-confidence, calm and balance.

Of course, boxing can also help children to let out aggression and not to let their excess energy out on other children or objects, but to work out on the punching bag. For example, some studies also show that children with ADHD are more focused and balanced when they have been to boxing training. The clear rules and procedures help them to direct their energy in a controlled way.

Kids learn boxing...

  • Discipline and structure through clear rules
  • Self-confidence and self-confidence through a better understanding of your body
  • Calm and balance through physical exercise
  • Speed ​​and responsiveness through improved mobility
  • Power and precision through the correct use of their energy
  • Concentration through various exercises

When can children start boxing?

In general, boxing training is recommended for children over the age of 6 years . Provided that it is actually a child-friendly training in which various boxing exercises are trained. In any case, “boxing matches” only take place with children under playful conditions and have nothing in common with the competitions of young people or adults. In addition, an experienced trainer trains with children only in protective gear. Even if you want to box with your child at home, you should make sure you have good equipment that protects against injuries.

Which punching bag is suitable for children?

Similar to punching bags for teenagers and adults, there are also two different versions for children:

  • The hanging punching bag
  • The standing punching bag

Which punching bag is recommended for children depends on a number of factors - for example how much space there is at home or in the children's room. Below you will find some selection criteria for the decision of the children's punching bag:

  • A hanging punching bag is firmly attached to the ceiling or to a wall bracket. So he can swing freely and naturally - ideal for a good workout. The hanging punching bag also needs enough space for this. In addition, the stability of the wall or attachment must be ensured.
  • A standing punching bag can be flexibly moved so that your child can train in the children's room or in the garden. In addition, a free-standing punching bag saves a lot of space when the child is not training. Furthermore, the free-standing punching bag does not have to be assembled, no drilling, no screws. But: In order for the child to be able to train properly, the free-standing punching bag must be securely fastened in the foot. Children's punching bags are usually punching balls with a base, so that the child weighs down and strengthens the punching bag himself.
  • When choosing a children's punching bag, also consider the experience your child already has in boxing. Because the hanging punching bag is a bit more demanding and requires a certain level of skill. Your child should already have mastered the basic punching techniques and be able to move well in front of the punching bag.
  • A standing punching bag does not move as freely as a hanging punching bag, but often only swings back and forth. This makes training much easier for your child.

How big should a kids punching bag be?

The size of the punching bag for children as well as for adults is based on their own body size and what is to be trained. If you want to practice kicks as well as punches, a longer punching bag is certainly useful. A length of between 80 and 100 cm is usually sufficient for children. In terms of size, the punching ball with a stand has a decisive advantage, because the height can be varied so that it grows with the child.

How heavy should a children's punching bag be?

You should be very careful with the weight. Because: If the punching bag is too heavy for the child, it will injure itself more easily when hit. The reason: Due to the low impact force, the (too heavy) punching bag does not swing sufficiently, but remains static (and firm), which in turn increases the risk of injury. The rule of thumb for the weight of the children's punching bag is one third of the body weight . So if the child weighs 30 kilograms, a punching bag with a weight of 10 kilograms is sufficient. This rule of thumb also applies to moderate boxing training for adults.

Buying a children's punching bag: Our recommendations

Basically, we can recommend that you buy a box set for children to start with. So you get a punching bag and boxing gloves for children together. This simplifies the selection and direct products are also colour-coordinated.

Kids punching bag kit with gloves
A good entry-level model for children who are just starting out in boxing but are seriously interested in the sport.
Tuf Wear
Children's punching bag kit including gloves

With this set you get a punching bag for children including a holder and children's boxing gloves. With a length of 60 cm, the punching bag is ideal for children aged 6 and over.

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Boxing set for children with pads
An ideal set for all children who have already had some boxing experience and who would like to train on the jab pads at home with their parents.
Tuf Wear
Boxing set for children including jab pads

This set for children consists of a punching bag including a wall bracket, 6 oz boxing gloves and jab pads, so that you can complete a varied training session with your child.

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Boxing set for children: punch ball & boxing gloves
A good starter model for children. Also ideal if you don't want to drill any holes and want to move the punching bag flexibly.
Kids Punch Ball Set TUF WEAR
Tuf Wear
Boxing set for kids with punch ball

This boxing set for children consists of a height-adjustable punch ball with a stand so that the punching bag can be moved flexibly. The set also includes boxing gloves for children.

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