Maintain and clean boxing gloves properly [for the best possible protection]


Proper care for boxing gloves

Boxing gloves are THE boxer's equipment. It is a matter of honor for every boxer to take care of their boxing gloves and handle them with care. We'll tell you how to protect your boxing gloves from tears, dirt and deformation; what you do when your boxing gloves need cleaning and what you should never do with your boxing gloves!

How do you properly care for boxing gloves?

Boxing gloves are there to protect you and your opponent from serious injury while boxing. They can only do this if they are used properly. You should always make sure that you take good care of your boxing gloves: they protect you! If the boxing gloves are broken, deformed or otherwise damaged, you should replace them. So make sure your boxing gloves...

  • are protected from moisture and moisture
  • always aired out well after wearing
  • be stored dry and dirt-free

It is best to always wear boxing bandages when boxing so that a large part of the sweat is absorbed directly by them and does not get into the boxing gloves at all. Always take your boxing gloves out of your boxing bag immediately after training, open the Velcro or the lacing as much as possible and let them air out carefully in a well-ventilated room.

How do you properly clean boxing gloves?

Of course it can always happen that your boxing gloves need cleaning - after all, a lot of sweat flows during boxing training or sparring. Your boxing gloves come into contact with sweat from both the inside and outside. If you don't let the moisture air out after boxing, the boxing gloves will absorb the sweat - and sometimes start to stink.

How to clean boxing gloves?

You can clean boxing gloves with a damp cloth, lukewarm water and a mild detergent. Make sure that the boxing gloves do not get too wet when cleaning. Finally, wipe off any cleaning agent residue with clear water and dry the boxing gloves with a dry cloth.

After cleaning, it is best to let your boxing gloves dry at room temperature in a well-ventilated room. Never outside outdoors overnight.

Can you wash boxing gloves?

You should never wash boxing gloves in the washing machine. Boxing gloves should also not be cleaned in the bathtub or a small tub. They would absorb too much water, which would impair their protective function. In addition, the upper material (artificial leather, leather) would become brittle and thus porous. This promotes small micro tears that can cause serious injuries in boxing.

Wash your boxing gloves with lukewarm water or with a very mild detergent by hand. However, if you use a cleaner, you should thoroughly remove any residue with a damp cloth and wipe dry with a soft cloth. So you can be sure that possible residues will not damage your boxing gloves.

What to do if boxing gloves stink?

If your boxing gloves smell bad, bacteria and other microorganisms have settled. You can clean the inside of the boxing glove with a mixture of tea tree oil or apple cider vinegar and water and try to get rid of the unpleasant smell. Cinnamon soles are also said to help eliminate the smell from boxing gloves [Warning: DO NOT use cinnamon powder: it is greasy and you will never get it out of the boxing gloves again!]. The best thing you can do against smelly boxing gloves, however, is careful care (clean regularly after wearing with a mild detergent, inside and outside, and let them air out well).

How do you clean boxing gloves? Step-by-step guide!

It is best to make it a habit to clean your boxing gloves regularly according to these instructions. So you will have a lot of fun with the boxing gloves for a long time and they will serve you well. Airing after wearing is the basic requirement for good care and cleaning of boxing gloves. Just leave the boxing gloves out in the air for a while. Make sure that the ambient temperature and humidity are not too high. Otherwise moisture could form again in the boxing glove. Alternatively, you can stuff dry newspaper or kitchen paper into the boxing gloves or dry them with a hair dryer. NEVER put the boxing gloves in the sun to dry! At the end of the article you will find a list of all the don'ts that you should avoid with boxing gloves.

1. How to wipe boxing gloves?

Take a clean rag or cloth and wipe it through the boxing glove. So you absorb the excess moisture that has accumulated during training directly. It therefore has no chance of moving into the material. You can simply wrap the cloth around your hand and put it in the boxing glove. Repeat with the second boxing glove.

2. How do I disinfect boxing gloves?

As we have already explained to you, you should not use harsh cleaning products. To disinfect your boxing gloves so that all bacteria disappear, you can use a homemade mixture of water and apple cider vinegar, for example. Any other (clear!) vinegar will do. [Don't use balsamic vinegar or red vinegar, they may stain your boxing gloves!] Apply the water and vinegar mixture to the inside of your boxing gloves. For example with the help of a spray bottle. You can also soak a clean rag in the water mixture and use it to wipe the inside of the boxing gloves.

3. How to clean the surface of the boxing gloves?

First remove dust or coarse dirt from the outside so that it does not scratch your boxing gloves. Then use the water and vinegar mixture from the previous step and spray the outside of the boxing gloves. You can now wipe the liquid dry again with a clean cloth.

4. How do I properly care for the boxing gloves?

If you have leather boxing gloves, you need to take care of them more than faux leather boxing gloves because leather is a natural material that, like skin, can dry out. If the leather boxing gloves are dry, you can rub a special leather care product or Vaseline into the upper material with a clean cloth in circular movements. Do not use too much so that a greasy film does not stick to the boxing gloves. By regularly caring for the leather, you can avoid cracks in the boxing gloves.

Don'ts! What should you never do with boxing gloves?

Do not use chemicals for care and cleaning. Aggressive cleaning agents (chemicals, alcohol, petrol, etc.) attack the material, make it brittle and can cause micro-cracks. No high temperatures - neither when washing nor when drying. Therefore, never leave your boxing gloves in the sun. High temperatures can deform your boxing gloves so that, in the worst case, they no longer fit properly. Never leave your boxing gloves lying around anywhere on the ground or outdoors. Above all, not unprotected overnight, otherwise they will absorb moisture or get dirty.

Our extra for you: tips for cleaning and caring for boxing bandages

You should not only wear boxing bandages during every workout to protect your wrists. They also help wick away moisture so it doesn't seep into the boxing gloves. Ergo, you should also wash your boxing bandages after every workout. Our TUF WEAR boxing wraps are made from 100% cotton, which you can easily clean in the washing machine . Don't set the temperature too high. If you wash the boxing bandages regularly, high washing temperatures are not necessary. You can use a laundry net or a pillowcase to protect the boxing bandages from zippers on other items of clothing, for example.

Attention: You should not put the boxing bandages in the dryer.

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto on Pexels

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