What size boxing gloves do I need?


How to find your boxing glove size

If you have just started boxing training or want to sign up for a trial lesson at the club, you are probably wondering: what size boxing gloves do I need? In order to buy the right boxing gloves, you need to know that boxing gloves are sized in terms of weight. We will explain to you how to use this to select the right boxing gloves.

What you will learn in this post:

  • There is no “size” in boxing gloves
  • The purpose affects the boxing gloves size
  • Which boxing glove size is ideal when (overview)

The boxing glove size is an indication of weight

If you have looked around for boxing gloves in our TUF WEAR Germany shop or others, you have probably already read information such as “10 oz” or “14 oz”. This is often referred to as "size" in boxing gloves. In fact, it is a weight specification, as you can read in detail here.

In a nutshell:
oz is the abbreviation for ounce (= ounces), a unit of weight. The weight of the boxing gloves provides information about the padding.
The rule of thumb is:
The higher the impact force, the thicker the padding should be.

But: The weight of the boxing gloves, the "size", should also be chosen depending on the intended use - i.e. whether you are in training or need boxing gloves for sparring and competitions.

What size boxing gloves do you use for the punching bag?

On the punching bag you primarily train your stamina, coordination and punching power. For this it is ideal if you choose boxing gloves that are light in weight, so that your arms do not tire so quickly and you can train intensively. If you want to increase the training effect or prepare for a competition, you can choose boxing gloves with more ounces.

Boxing gloves for the punching bag from 8 to 18 oz: Size depends on your body weight!

Here you will find an overview of the weight classes and recommendations for boxing glove sizes.

In sparring you need heavier boxing gloves

What size boxing gloves do you use for sparring?

In sparring, it is advisable to wear larger boxing gloves, as they have thicker padding and thus minimize the risk of injury for you and your opponent. Again, the size of the boxing gloves depends on your body weight or punching power and the size you use in training. Below are recommendations for choosing boxing gloves for sparring.

As a recommendation for the boxing glove size in sparring: Take at least one size larger than in training.

What size boxing gloves do you use in a fight?

At the end of the day, it is not you, not your trainer, who decides which boxing gloves you wear in a competition, but the association that organizes the competition. He has defined a set of rules that also determines the ounces of the boxing gloves.

In most cases you box in Germany and Europe with 10 oz or 12 oz boxing gloves. The most important thing is that the boxing gloves are certified for competition.

Our boxing glove recommendations for training, sparring and competition

VICTOR PU boxing gloves by TUF WEAR
ATOM sparring boxing gloves TUF WEAR
Saber boxing gloves for competition
VICTOR boxing gloves by TUF WEAR ATOM sparring boxing gloves TUF WEAR Saber competition boxing gloves by TUF WEAR
  • Robust PU material
  • Reliable injection molded foam padding
  • Sturdy Velcro fastener and non-slip inner lining for a better grip
  • ideal for training
  • Durable faux leather
  • Injection molded foam in the finger area for more shock absorption
  • double velcro closure
  • ideal for intensive sparring
  • High-quality genuine leather (cowhide)
  • Multi-layer padding
  • with lacing
  • ideal for competition
directly to the product directly to the product directly to the product

Customers ask, we answer!

Getting through the system of ounces, weight and sizes for boxing gloves is not that easy for many beginners. Therefore, we have summarized a few important answers here:

What size boxing gloves for children?

Children typically wear 6 oz to 8 oz boxing gloves .

What size boxing gloves for women?

Women typically wear 8 oz to 14 oz boxing gloves, depending on body weight and purpose.

What size boxing gloves for men?

Men usually wear boxing gloves with a size of 8 oz to 18 oz - depending on body weight and purpose.

[Important: Although we at TUF WEAR Germany or other providers give you recommendations for the size of the boxing gloves, this is always an individual decision. Especially when it comes to choosing between boxing gloves for women and men, there are no differences, so women can also wear boxing gloves with a size of 14 or 16 oz - if it suits them and is suitable for training.]

Which boxing gloves size do I need in S-XL?

If you find a model that is given the size S, M or L, it is actually a size specification that you can read in cm from most manufacturers. Determining the right size for the boxing gloves is very easy: simply place a flexible measuring tape around the widest part of your palm and read off the centimetres. With this you have measured the circumference of your hand and can use this to choose the right size for the boxing gloves.

Which boxing glove sizes can you find at TUF WEAR?

TUF WEAR is one of the world-renowned brands for boxing gloves and boxing equipment. Boxing gloves in our shop are usually given in oz sizes. Boxing gloves for children are explicitly marked as such.

Which size of boxing gloves is ideal? The big overview!

body weight training sparring competition recommendation
up to 60 kg 6 to 8 oz x x children
up to 60 kg 10 oz 12 oz 8 oz adult
up to 75 kg 12 oz 14 oz 10 oz adult
up to 80 kg 14 oz 16 oz 10-12 oz adult
up to 90 kg 14-16 oz 16-18 oz 10-12 oz adult

Boxing glove size FAQ

Question: What size is there for boxing gloves?

Answer: The "size" of boxing gloves is actually a weight, measured in ounces (Ounce = oz). Most boxing gloves come in sizes from 8 oz to 18 oz.

Question: Are light boxing gloves also small boxing gloves?

Answer: No. The weight does not provide any information about the size (dimensions) of the boxing gloves, because in fact they are usually one size.

Question: What size is good for boxing gloves?

Answer: You should choose the size or weight of your boxing gloves depending on the intended use and your body weight.

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