Decision-making aid: Which boxing gloves for women?


Are there special boxing gloves for women?

Women are often told by manufacturers that they need special boxing gloves for women. But is that even true? We will help you to choose the right boxing gloves as a woman and tell you what you should consider.

What you will learn in this post:

  • There is no difference between boxing gloves for women and men
  • What number of ounces is suitable for most women's boxing gloves
  • What you need to know about fit and sizing

Why is boxing so popular with women?

Boxing is a great sport! For children, men and especially for women. Because boxing is a full-body workout that primarily uses the deep muscles. The deep muscles include the hip, chest and leg muscles, but also the pelvic floor. And this is where boxing scores: In contrast to men, the pelvic floor muscles in women have more connective tissue interwoven, so that the pelvic floor can stretch and recede for the birth of a child. But this also means that women are more prone to a weak pelvic floor if they don't exercise regularly or sit a lot. Through the various training units in boxing, women strengthen their pelvic floor and the whole body. At the same time, endurance, coordination, speed and the ability to react are trained. Boxing is a real power sport, a good outlet to get rid of stress and tension.

  • Boxing is a full body workout
  • Boxing relieves stress and tension
  • Boxing requires discipline and focus
  • Boxing is a self-confidence booster
  • Boxing defines the body more effectively than dieting

What should you generally consider when buying boxing gloves?

On the one hand, you should pay attention to the material of the boxing gloves when buying them. This affects the weight, the service life and the price. Leatherette boxing gloves are lighter and cheaper. Leather boxing gloves, on the other hand, are heavier and more expensive, but also more durable - with proper care! On the other hand, you need a boxing glove that fits the training purpose in terms of padding. We will explain more to you in the following sections.

Do women need special boxing gloves?

Clearly: No! Basically, women do not need special women's boxing gloves, but can use the usual boxing gloves that men also wear. There are many manufacturers who want to tell you something different and then offer supposedly beautiful women boxing gloves in pink, pink and purple. But because of this, these boxing gloves do not have particularly thin or thick padding or otherwise differ from other boxing gloves. Women, like men, have to consider the criteria of boxing gloves individually and choose the model that suits them. We'll give you a few tips on how to do this further down in the article.

What oz in women's boxing gloves?

Many manufacturers tell you that women should choose a maximum of 12 oz for boxing gloves - or need particularly "small" boxing gloves with 8 oz. This is complete nonsense as a blanket statement! Flyweight or lightweight men also wear 8 oz boxing gloves. So it has nothing to do with whether you are a man or a woman looking for boxing gloves. If you want to decide on the right weight for your boxing gloves, you as a woman - as well as a man - have to consider your personal body weight and for what purpose you want to use the boxing gloves - punching bag, pad training, sparring or competition. In competition there are clear rules for the oz number of your boxing gloves, regardless of whether they are women or men!

Depending on body weight, 8 to 14 oz boxing gloves are a good choice for most women.

You can read exactly what oz means for boxing gloves here .

Tips for buying your women's boxing gloves: what to consider?

Basically, women box no differently than men, which means that a special women's boxing glove is not necessary. However, there are a few things to consider when it comes to fit:

  • Women's hands are usually narrower than men's, so particularly wide boxing gloves are unsuitable. Therefore, pay attention to a boxing glove that has a rather narrow cut.
  • Women's wrists are usually shorter , so the boxing glove should not be very long on the shaft.
  • Also, women's wrists are usually narrower, so a stretchy rubber band on boxing gloves might be inappropriate. Rather choose a boxing glove that you z. B. with Velcro really firmly on the wrist.

When buying your boxing gloves, the following always applies: Make an individual decision and do not buy women's boxing gloves in 8 oz or 10 oz because "that's how you do it". Just as there are petite men, there are taller women - and there is a pair of boxing gloves for everyone.

Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko on Pexels

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