Which boxing gloves for the punching bag training?


For training on the punching bag you need narrow, light boxing gloves

Are you wondering which boxing glove suits you and whether it is suitable for your training? We tell you here which boxing gloves are suitable for punching bag training - and which are not. This is the only way you can make the right choice and buy the right boxing gloves.

What you will learn in this post:

  • Why you should wear special boxing gloves for punching bag training!
  • How boxing gloves for the punching bag and the competition differ!
  • What are the right boxing gloves for punching bag training!
  • What you should also consider when training a punching bag!

Customers ask, we answer!

Customers keep asking themselves: "Which boxing gloves are ideal for punching bag training?" This raises another question: "Why should you wear special boxing gloves for punching bag training?" You should be aware that the boxing gloves - whether you wear them in training on the punching bag, during sparring or in competitions - are subject to different levels of stress. The punching bag is a blunt target that - even if it swings on the suspension chain - is not very dynamic but rather static. This affects the force applied to the boxing gloves.

Since boxing gloves are made of foam padding covered with imitation leather or genuine leather, and this material is subject to wear and tear, sooner or later you will have to replace them with a new pair of boxing gloves. If you train very long and intensively on a punching bag, this affects your boxing gloves, so that the padding can harden and the surface can crack .

Why you shouldn't wear worn out boxing gloves in the ring!

You cannot use worn out boxing gloves in sparring or competitions because 1. they are forbidden because there is an increased risk of injury for your opponent and 2. they no longer offer you sufficient protection . The worn foam padding no longer cushions the blows well, which puts a lot of strain on your joints. In addition, a highly compressed foam padding can lead to an unfair competitive advantage, so that such boxing gloves are excluded from competition anyway.
Boxing is not about hurting your opponent. That is why the right protective equipment is extremely important.

Now for the explanation of why you should use special boxing gloves for punching bag training: If you switch between two or more pairs of boxing gloves, you can ensure the quality of the individual boxing gloves. In order to train on the punching bag, it is less important whether the upper material of your boxing gloves already has some scratches. However, for your boxing gloves when sparring or in competition is of great importance. So if you only use boxing gloves for punching bag training, you can protect your expensive competition boxing gloves.

This is how you train with the right boxing gloves on the punching bag Which boxing gloves are suitable for punching bag training?

In order to be able to train optimally on the punching bag, you should use narrow, light boxing gloves . This gives you the opportunity to practice and perfect quick and precise punch combinations without your arms tiring after a short time. You can also train longer with lighter boxing gloves and work on your endurance and condition.

Punching bag gloves also have a padding made of high-density foam , which can absorb the frequent and hard hits on the punching bag well. At the same time, firm foam doesn't break down or lose density as quickly - unlike sparring and competitive boxing gloves, which have softer foam padding that yields with every punch.

By the way: If you are preparing for a competition, you can use heavier boxing gloves to prepare yourself optimally and get the most out of your performance. If you then use lighter competition gloves during the competition, the fists just “fly” like that.

What are lightweight boxing bag gloves?

The weight of boxing gloves for punching bag training is primarily determined by specifying the ounces, which are often confused with the size. With this specification it is quite simple: More ounces = higher weight. You can get an overview of all weight classes for boxing gloves in this article.

In addition, you can influence the weight of your boxing bag gloves by choosing the upper material: A boxing glove made of imitation leather will generally weigh less than a boxing glove made of real leather like the Saber competition boxing gloves from TUF WEAR .

What else should be considered when training on the punching bag?

Finally, we would like to give you a little tip for your optimal training on the punching bag: Always train with bandaged wrists to minimize the risk of injury. Although the punching bag doesn't hit back like the opponent in the ring, the stress from the blows on the blunt surface is still extremely high for your joints and hands. So make sure you wear a safe, supportive boxing bandage during training so that you don't have to sit out due to an injury.

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