Which is better: punching bag or standing punching bag?


Should a punching bag be hanging or standing?

Opinions are divided among boxing fans: Is the hanging or standing punching bag better? If you are looking for the right punching bag for you, you should definitely read the information and tips on the topic "What is better: punching bag or standing punching bag?" read through. Here are some interesting and important aspects that you should consider when buying a punching bag.

What you will learn in this post:

  • What are the differences!
  • What are the advantages of a free-standing punching bag!
  • What are the advantages of a hanging punching bag!
  • How you make a decision!

Punching bag or standing punching bag: What are the differences?

This question is about the attachment of the punching bag. A hanging punching bag, usually the classic variant in gyms and boxing clubs, is attached to the ceiling or a bracket on a beam. The punching bag swings freely around the room. There are different variants of a free-standing punching bag: the free-standing punching bag that is weighed down in the foot, or the model that hangs in a stand.

What are the advantages of a free-standing punching bag?

If you choose a free-standing punching bag, you can look forward to these advantages:

  • An assembly is not necessary with the free-standing punching bag - for example, if your landlord has something against drilling into the ceiling.
  • A free-standing punching bag is also ideal if the ceiling is not sufficiently stable.
  • You can put it aside at any time - for example, if you have little space in your apartment.
  • You can also use the free-standing punching bag flexibly - in the living room, in the basement, in the garage or even in the garden / on the balcony if you want to box outdoors.

Attention: There are also variants of free-standing punching bags that are bought more for fun - some of these are only minimally weighted and filled with air. These models are far from a serious training accessory for boxing. So pay close attention to the product description.

What are the advantages of a hanging punching bag?

Most boxing enthusiasts opt for a hanging punching bag. Why? This shows you the following advantages:

  • A hanging punching bag has a better swing behavior .
  • A hanging punching bag is usually cheaper because no stand is required.
  • If the punching bag is at the right height, you can not only train body punches, but also head punches.
  • Securely attached, you can put all your strength into the punches on the hanging punching bag and train intensively .

Hanging punching bag or standing punching bag: what should be considered?

It remains to weigh the advantages and disadvantages, because of course there are a few things to consider with both variants of the punching bag:

  • You can only train effectively and hard on a hanging punching bag if it is securely and stably attached to the ceiling or a wall bracket. The walls should therefore be sufficiently load-bearing in any case. You may have to clarify with your landlord beforehand whether you are allowed to drill the appropriate holes.
  • In contrast to a hanging punching bag, a free-standing punching bag is ready for immediate use without assembly. But you have to make sure that the punching bag stands securely when filling the base or setting up the stand. Otherwise you can only use it for light cardio training, but not for intensive boxing training.
  • The standing punching bag also has the disadvantage that it is usually lower, so that you can train body punches well, but not head punches. A punching bag at head height would be necessary for this. Furthermore, the free-standing punching bag does not swing as naturally as a hanging punching bag, so the training is less realistic.
  • With a hanging punching bag, you should carefully choose the suspension location. Not only the attachment to the ceiling or wall should be sufficiently stable. You also need enough space for the hanging punching bag so that it can swing freely. In addition, it is quite tedious to have to take it off and put it aside after each workout.

Conclusion: Is a hanging punching bag or a standing punching bag better?

If you ask other boxers, most will advise you to use a classic punching bag that you attach to the wall or ceiling. Of course, this always applies under the condition that the punching bag can be securely fastened. And even if the assembly, including drilling, is a bit more laborious, you will be able to train much more effectively and realistically on a hanging punching bag. Here you can practice different punching and kicking techniques and box seriously.

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto on Pexels

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