What are the best boxing gloves? [The boxing glove guide for your purchase]


What are the best boxing gloves for you?

No question: Most boxers - whether beginners or amateurs - ask themselves: What are the best boxing gloves? What oz for punching bag? How many oz for sparring? After all, you want to buy a sensible product that provides optimal protection in boxing training or sparring and lasts as many fights as possible. If you deal a little more with this topic, the question changes. Because the real question should be: Which boxing gloves are the best - for me?

What you will learn in this post:

  • That top 10 lists or boxing glove tests are only of limited help!
  • That you always have to look individually which boxing gloves are the best!
  • How to make a decision on the oz of your boxing gloves by boxing style!
  • Top 10; boxing glove test; Boxing glove comparison: how meaningful is that?

    Your question “What are the best boxing gloves?” spits out hits for comparisons, tests and top lists in the most well-known search engine, which present you with the supposedly best boxing gloves. However, these articles or product recommendations only have very limited significance. Because the tests and comparisons are not created according to individual points of view. The top 1 boxing glove can still be the wrong choice for you and your training goals, despite the apparently great result.

    An example: Boxing gloves made of genuine leather are considered to be of particularly high quality and value. They are, no question. In many comparative articles, however, this is already enough to count among the best boxing gloves. Isn't that why PU boxing gloves are good? A leather boxing glove is heavier - and only durable with the right care. There are many boxers - even professionals - who would not wear leather boxing gloves, or only for specific purposes.

    With such comparisons, you shouldn't just look to see which boxing glove is the best, but always pay attention to the details - and whether this would be the right choice for you and your project . It's quite possible that the boxing glove has a great rating, but just doesn't fit you right. It would be useless for training because you definitely need a boxing glove that fits properly!

    What oz is in boxing gloves?

    At TUF WEAR Germany you will find boxing gloves from 6 oz to 18 oz. Depending on the model, not all sizes may be available. This is because, for example, 6 oz boxing gloves are mostly children's boxing gloves.

    The boxing glove guide: The best boxing gloves for YOU!

    So what you need is not a test or a comparison of different models, but the right help to find the best boxing gloves for you. We will explain step by step how boxing gloves differ and which selection criteria you should consider. After reading this guide, you will then be able to easily choose the right boxing gloves for your training.

    What kind of boxing gloves are there?

    During your boxing training, you will not only punch into the air, but also train on the punching bag, with jap pads and your trainer, or in sparring with an opponent. The strain on you and your wrists as well as the force that affects your boxing equipment or your training partner are very different. During punching bag training, “only” your ankles and joints need to be protected from injury. A thick padding like in sparring boxing gloves, which is also supposed to protect the opponent from serious injuries, is not necessary here. For the competition you need special boxing gloves that correspond to the guidelines of the respective boxing association. Competition boxing gloves, for example, must not have Velcro. But not only the type distinguishes boxing gloves, but above all the oz specification.

    What is oz in boxing gloves?

    In this article you will find a detailed description of what oz is in boxing gloves. But here is a brief explanation so that you can choose the best boxing gloves for you: Oz is an indication of weight, in English: ounce. The oz specification for boxing gloves allows conclusions to be drawn about the padding, as this affects the weight.

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    Punch Bag Boxing Gloves

    How do you train on the punching bag?

    Training on the punching bag is primarily aimed at enabling you to work on the precision and speed of your punches. Flexibility and coordination as well as endurance are also improved during punching bag training.

    How should punching bag boxing gloves be?

    As already mentioned, you only need protection for your hands and fingers when training with a punching bag, but not thick padding for the opponent, as with sparring. Your punching bag boxing gloves can therefore be thinly padded so that they are also lighter. Light boxing gloves give you the advantage on the punching bag that your arms don't tire so quickly and you can really work extensively on your coordination, responsiveness and speed. At the same time, the thin padding of the punching bag boxing gloves gives you better punch feedback and you can execute and optimize your hits very precisely. With thin boxing gloves you can train dynamically and intensively on the punching bag!

    Note: You should never use your sparring or competition boxing gloves for punching bag training. Due to the intensive training, the boxing gloves on the punching bag wear out very quickly, so that you can no longer use them for sparring - and certainly not for competition.

    How much oz for punch bag boxing gloves?

    Your punching bag gloves should be less oz than your sparring boxing gloves. How many oz is ideal for the punching bag depends on you - your weight class and punching power. It better explains this article how to choose the right oz for the punching bag .

    Which material for punching bag boxing gloves?

    Since you want to train punches as quickly and persistently as possible on the punching bag, we recommend choosing PU models for the boxing gloves. Faux leather is not only lighter than real leather, it is also very easy to care for.

    Which closure for punching bag boxing gloves?

    Boxing gloves that you wear on the punching bag or in general during training should always have a Velcro fastener. This gives you the opportunity to put them on and take them off yourself. You would not be able to tie and untie boxing gloves with lacing without outside help.

    Boxing gloves for the sandbag - our recommendation
    Boxing gloves PU Victor - sportyglee
    Tuf Wear
    PU Victor boxing gloves

    The Victor boxing gloves are made of durable synthetic leather and have firm, multi-layer padding that is ideal for punching bag training.

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    Sparring boxing gloves

    How do you practice sparring?

    Sparring is training with an opponent to simulate a competition. Boxing is much more intense here, so you should wear well-protected boxing gloves. At the same time, there is a risk that you can hurt your sparring partner. But, as I'm sure you've learned from your trainer, boxing isn't about hurting your opponent. Your boxing equipment always serves the goal of keeping the risk of injury for you and everyone else as low as possible.

    What should sparring boxing gloves be like?

    It is therefore only logical that boxing gloves for sparring should have a sufficiently high padding. This is the only way to ensure that your fingers and wrists receive good shock absorption and that you do not injure yourself. At the same time, the thick padding protects your opponent from excessively hard blows or injuries. Some sparring boxing gloves also have a tighter closure, so that your wrist is also better protected - for example when you hit your guard.

    How many oz in sparring?

    To get thicker padding on sparring boxing gloves, you need more oz, so a heavier weight. The weight of your sparring boxing gloves depends on your body weight. However, it is generally said that sparring boxing gloves should be at least 14 oz. The high oz of sparring boxing gloves also has the advantage that you improve various training goals: If you train with heavier boxing gloves, you will be able to punch much better and faster with the lighter competition boxing gloves.

    What material for sparring boxing gloves?

    Whether you choose robust synthetic leather or real leather - for example cowhide - is more a question of personal taste for sparring boxing gloves. Genuine leather boxing gloves have the advantages of being heavier and more durable. Of course, you should also take proper care of your sparring boxing gloves so that they can withstand the high demands of training combat for a long time.

    Which closure for sparring boxing gloves?

    Boxing gloves with Velcro fasteners are also ideal for sparring, because you can put them on and, above all, take them off yourself at any time.

    Boxing gloves for sparring - our recommendation
    Sparring boxing gloves ATOM - sportyglee
    Tuf Wear
    ATOM sparring boxing gloves

    The TUF WEAR ATOM sparring boxing gloves are hard-wearing through and through and therefore just right for your intensive sparring training.

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    Competition boxing gloves

    How do you box in competition?

    In competition, of course, you give everything to defeat your opponent. You have to be able to retrieve everything you have learned in training on the punching bag, with the jab pads and in sparring. You must hit fast and accurately, react immediately and take cover.

    Which boxing gloves for the competition?

    In competition, the boxing associations make clear specifications for boxing gloves. For example, competition boxing gloves must have the thumbs sewn on. So you can't just go out and buy competition boxing gloves that you like - unless you want to use them "just for fun" in training.

    Which oz for the competition?

    In most boxing competitions, boxing gloves are allowed up to a maximum of 10 oz or 12 oz, depending on the weight class. Partly also boxing gloves with 8 oz. The advantage of wearing heavier boxing gloves in preparation for a competition: Your competition boxing gloves feel light as a feather.

    Which material for the competition boxing gloves?

    As a rule, competition boxing gloves are made of high-quality leather, since the quality material withstands the high demands of competition more reliably than imitation leather and the gloves do not wear out as quickly. However, leather competition gloves must be cared for very well so that they do not crack.

    Which closure for boxing gloves for competition?

    Here there are clear regulations from the boxing associations: Velcro is absolutely taboo! Only boxing gloves with lacing are allowed in competitions.

    Boxing gloves for competition - our recommendation
    Competition boxing gloves Saber - sportyglee
    Tuf Wear
    Saber competition boxing gloves

    The TUF WEAR Saber competition boxing gloves are high-quality boxing gloves made of genuine leather that withstand the hard knocks of competition. They are also allowed for competitions.

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    Customers ask, we answer!

    Which boxing gloves for beginners?

    If you're just starting out, or maybe you want to train at home on the punching bag, you can start with a simple faux leather (PU) boxing glove. This is quite sufficient for initial training until you have built up some punching power or start sparring. Beginner's boxing gloves - our recommendation

    PU starter boxing gloves - sportyglee
    Tuf Wear
    PU starter boxing gloves

    The TUF WEAR boxing gloves PU Starter are ideal for beginners because they are light, cheap and easy to care for.

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    What boxing gloves do the pros use?

    As an amateur or professional, you will certainly use more than one pair of boxing gloves so that you have the right model for every use. A professional uses boxing gloves, sometimes lighter and sometimes heavier, to complete a varied boxing training session, to train his coverage and to improve his speed.

    The best boxing gloves are nothing without proper care!

    No matter whether you are a beginner or a professional: You should handle your boxing gloves carefully. After all, you've just taken the time to figure out what the best boxing gloves are for you and put in the effort to find them. Never forget to ventilate your boxing gloves sufficiently after wearing them so that sweat and odor cannot settle. Above all, never leave your boxing gloves lying around anywhere on the ground or in the dirt. Even small stones or other objects can cause scratches and tears in the material, which can lead to serious injuries to the opponent - and ultimately means that you have to buy new boxing gloves. Because the topic of “caring for boxing gloves ” is so important, we have linked our detailed article here again.
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