What does 16oz mean for boxing gloves?


16oz are heavy boxing gloves

If you are looking for new boxing gloves and you like a 16oz model, you should know a few things about it. Because when buying the right boxing gloves, you should definitely pay attention to the right weight.

What you will learn in this post:

  • What 16oz means in boxing gloves!
  • How much do 16oz boxing gloves weigh!
  • Why the specification of 16oz is important!
  • For whom 16oz boxing gloves are suitable!

Users ask, we answer!

“What does 16oz mean in boxing gloves?” is a frequently asked question by users on the Internet. And the answer is: 16oz is a weight specification for boxing gloves. More precisely, it is 16 ounces - the English term for ounces. Ounces are the measurement in which the weight of boxing gloves is traditionally stated.
Now you are wondering if 16oz is light or heavy in boxing gloves?

An ounce weighs 28.35 grams
16 ounces weigh 453.60 grams

With 16oz boxing gloves you are choosing a relatively heavy pair of boxing gloves.

Why is it important to state 16oz for boxing gloves?

It is not only the specification of 16oz that is important for boxing gloves, but also the weight in general. Because the weight is an important selection criterion for boxing gloves.

On the one hand, the weight of boxing gloves is relevant in competitions , because boxing associations record in their regulations how much boxing gloves must or may weigh in the respective weight class. So it may well be that you are not allowed to start with 16oz boxing gloves in a competition.

In fact, the weight of competition boxing gloves is a maximum of 10oz and 12oz, so 16oz boxing gloves are not used in amateur and professional competitions.

On the other hand, the weight of the boxing gloves is important for your training. You should always wear a boxing glove that suits you and your training. It's all about your body weight , your personal preferences and your punching power .
  • As a guide, the heavier you are, the heavier your boxing gloves can be.
  • Would you like to improve your muscle strength and endurance during training? Then heavy boxing gloves with 16oz help you to achieve this goal rather than light boxing gloves of only 10oz.
  • If you are just at the beginning of your boxing training and need to build up your punching power, you should increase slowly and not start directly with heavy 16oz boxing gloves.

For whom are 16oz boxing gloves suitable?

As already mentioned, various factors play a role in the choice of boxing gloves, not just the oz specification. Nevertheless, one can orientate oneself to these values:

  • Women and men weighing up to 80 kg make a good choice with boxing gloves between 14oz and 16oz.
  • Women and men weighing 90 kg or more should opt for 16oz boxing gloves.

You can also find an overview in this article .

In training and sparring, many boxers wear heavy weight boxing gloves because it improves the training effect . The reason: After training with heavy boxing gloves, the arms feel much lighter in competition with light boxing gloves. Many boxers therefore opt for 16oz boxing gloves for training - often 18oz or 20oz depending on body weight and muscle strength.

At TUF WEAR Germany we offer you a versatile selection of boxing gloves that are available in different weight classes. So you can always choose the pair that suits your body weight and training goal.

Photo by Pavel Danilyuk on Pexels

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