How should a boxing glove fit?


A boxing glove must fit well

This is an absolutely important and justified question if you are just starting boxing training or want to work out at home on the punching bag. If you are in a club, your trainer will answer the question and explain how a boxing glove should fit on your hand. Alternatively, we can do this here:

What you will learn in this post:

  • That a boxing glove has to fit well!
  • That a boxing glove must not pinch!
  • That a boxing glove can change its shape through improper care

How should boxing gloves fit?

Good! Wondering how a boxing glove should fit? The answer is: good! No, Don `t worry. We'll explain exactly what that means. But basically you will notice whether a boxing glove feels comfortable and just "good".

How should boxing gloves fit? The most important features for well-fitting boxing gloves!

  • Boxing gloves fit well if they don't slip off your hand - even if you haven't closed the Velcro or the lacing yet. That means: boxing gloves fit well if they are "relatively" tight - at least on the wrist. However, it is important to note that you always wear boxing bandages when boxing. You should also wear these when trying on boxing gloves.
  • Boxing gloves fit well if they don't pinch . Similar to shoes, boxing gloves should never pinch. Boxing gloves still expand a bit, but if they pinch right from the start, they're the wrong ones.
  • Boxing gloves fit well when your fingertips don't touch the inside of the material. There should be about a thumb's breadth of space . On the one hand, your hand expands during boxing due to the increased blood supply. On the other hand, you can prevent material wear so that your fingernails do not scratch the leather or PU of your boxing gloves .

Important: Only if you take proper care of your boxing gloves can you also ensure that they fit well on your wrist. Chemicals and high temperatures, for example, can deform the fit so that your boxing gloves no longer fit well.

Conclusion: Good, firm and comfortable

A boxing glove shouldn't slip, but it shouldn't pinch and definitely shouldn't be uncomfortable. If it is already there when you try it on for the first time, then it is better to take a different boxing glove. You will definitely have to break the model in a bit, but it should still fit well and comfortably from the start. Only if your boxing gloves fit properly do you get the necessary stability and safety for proper training without a high risk of injury - whether on a punching bag or in sparring.
Photo by Andres Ayrton on Pexels

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