Which boxing gloves should I buy? Consider these tips when buying!


Which boxing gloves should I buy?

Boxing is an immensely popular sport - not only for professionals and amateur boxers, but also for beginners and anyone who just wants to keep fit. Boxing requires endurance and strength, coordination and speed. But nothing works in boxing without boxing gloves. So that you buy the right boxing gloves, read our tips for buying boxing gloves.

What you will learn in this post:

  • What types of boxing gloves are there!
  • What materials boxing gloves are made of!
  • What sizes are boxing gloves!
  • How expensive boxing gloves are!
  • Which boxing gloves we recommend!

Customers ask, we answer!

Without a doubt, it is one of the most important questions when you put together your boxing equipment: “Which boxing gloves should I buy?” The range is diverse, not only in the range of a brand like TUF WEAR . So it is logical that you first have to find out which boxing gloves are available. A basic distinction is made between boxing gloves according to the individual types of boxing such as classic boxing, Thai boxing or kickboxing. So if you are wondering which boxing gloves to buy, first think about what sport you need them for.

Another criterion for buying boxing gloves is the purpose. So: Do ​​you want to buy boxing gloves for training, sparring or a competition?

Boxing gloves for training are often narrow and relatively thinly padded. The advantage of this is that you get immediate shot feedback and can improve your shots, your power and coordination more effectively. Depending on the phase of training you are in, for example just before a competition, you can also choose boxing gloves with a heavier weight to increase your endurance and condition.

If you want to buy boxing gloves for sparring - i.e. boxing training with a boxing partner - make sure they are well padded. Because when sparring, you should make sure that the boxing gloves absorb the blows well, thus preventing injuries to both you and your sparring partner.

With competition boxing gloves , you must observe the specifications of the respective boxing association that is organizing the competition. In boxing gloves for competitions , for example, the thumbs are sewn on. You are also only allowed to wear a certain weight class of boxing gloves during competitions.

Faux leather or real leather: which boxing glove is right for me?

The answer can be found in various factors, because boxing gloves made of artificial leather and boxing gloves made of real leather differ in terms of feel, durability and price.

In the past, boxing gloves were made of real leather, simply because PU leather had not yet been developed. Many boxing gloves are now made of imitation leather, as the polyurethane material offers many advantages: boxing gloves made of PU are often softer and, above all, cheaper than real leather models. On the other hand, boxing gloves made of real leather are much more durable and therefore more durable. Last but not least, many boxing gloves made of real leather have that certain old school look. Due to the stronger material, leather boxing gloves are often used for sparring and competitions: the opponent feels a harder blow and at the same time the leather boxing gloves are more robust. Seen in this way, the higher price for real leather boxing gloves is also worthwhile, as they last longer and don't break as quickly.

Here is a small comparison of the boxing gloves:

synthetic leather (PU) Genuine leather
softer in material stronger in the material
good hard-wearing, less durable, but cheaper strong and durable, more durable
good for beginners & training good for intensive training & competition
cheaper expensive

What oz do I need for my boxing gloves?

As a rule, the size of boxing gloves is made with the indication "oz". Oz means "Ounce" in boxing gloves, which is the English word for ounces. Ounces are a unit of weight, so the size of boxing gloves is actually a weight. Now how do you know what oz you need in boxing gloves?
The rough rule of thumb when buying boxing gloves is:
Higher body weight = higher number of oz in the boxing gloves.

It used to be assumed that a heavier boxer also had a higher punching power and therefore needed boxing gloves with thicker padding, i.e. boxing gloves with more ounces. Today you choose the weight of the boxing gloves primarily according to the purpose (training, sparring, competition) and then decide whether to use lighter or heavier boxing gloves.

Here you will find an overview of all weight classes for boxing gloves and how heavy they are in detail.

[Some boxing gloves are also sold in the usual sizes S, M, L and XL. If you decide on such a model, you should read the manufacturer's information about the dimensions carefully and measure which size is right for your boxing gloves.]

How expensive are boxing gloves?

Of course, the question of price is also an important criterion when buying boxing gloves. In fact, the price range for boxing gloves is very wide. There are already very cheap models that are usually made of PU and are therefore simply cheaper to produce. But there are also high-quality boxing gloves made of genuine leather that cost a few hundred euros.

Whether you choose cheap or expensive boxing gloves is of course always your decision. Nevertheless, we would like to give you a few recommendations to make it easier for you to buy boxing gloves:

Our recommendations for boxing gloves!

Are you looking for boxing gloves for training?

Soft PU boxing gloves are ideal for training on the punching bag , on the punching ball or with the claws. In addition, they are inexpensive.

Are you looking for boxing gloves for beginners?

If you are just starting boxing training or just want to keep fit, inexpensive boxing gloves made of synthetic leather are suitable.

Do you want to buy boxing gloves for sparring?

In sparring you are welcome to use heavier boxing gloves that have thicker padding and therefore better shock absorption. Leather boxing gloves are stronger and more durable, allowing them to withstand the intense contact of sparring.

You need boxing gloves for the competition?

Make sure that you explicitly use competition boxing gloves with the thumb sewn on. Leather boxing gloves are particularly hard-wearing. As a rule, competition boxing gloves may only weigh between 10 oz and 12 oz.

Photo by ANTONI SHKRABA on Pexels

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