What does oz mean in boxing gloves?


What does the oz mean on boxing gloves?

Are you browsing for boxing gloves for your training and wondering what the “oz” is all about? Read here what oz means in boxing gloves!

What you will learn in this post:

  • What is called oz in boxing gloves!
  • What do the different oz indications mean!
  • How to find the right boxing gloves for you!

What does oz mean for boxing gloves?

Briefly explained: Oz means "Ounce" in boxing gloves - from the English for "ounce". Explained in more detail: With boxing gloves you will usually always read the indication "oz" - 10 oz, 12 oz, 14 oz or 8 oz. As you already know, oz means “ounce” in boxing gloves.

An ounce is a weight, so you can always find out how heavy the boxing gloves are from the oz. However, the ounce is not a unit of weight that we deal with all that much on a daily basis. Therefore, by converting the ounce to grams, it is easy to find out how many oz the boxing gloves weigh.

1 ounce = approx. 28.3 g

So if you want to know how heavy a 14 oz boxing glove is, you only have to calculate 14 * 28.3 g = approx. 396 g.

The weight of boxing gloves also has something to do with their padding. Because the more padding the boxing glove contains, the heavier it weighs. This fact should be taken into account when it comes to choosing the right boxing gloves. We recommend our customers to not only select the oz of boxing gloves according to their personal body weight, but also to consider their own punching power. You can also be small and slim and have extreme power. Then you should wear a well-padded boxing glove.

What oz is in boxing gloves?

At TUF WEAR Germany you will find boxing gloves from 6 oz to 18 oz. Depending on the model, not all sizes may be available. This is because, for example, 6 oz boxing gloves are mostly children's boxing gloves.

Why are there different ozs for boxing gloves?

There are different sizes or weights of boxing gloves, on the one hand because there are different people, on the other hand because there are different types of boxing.

Boxing is becoming an increasingly popular sport, not only among athletes who are training ambitiously to compete, but also among those who practice boxing purely as a sport to stay fit. That - and the fact that every person is different in size, weight and (power) strength - explains the fact that there are different oz in boxing gloves. Because the weight gives - as already mentioned - information about the padding of the boxing gloves.

There are also differences to be considered with regard to the type of use of the boxing gloves : In sparring, the punches are usually firmer in order to achieve a competition training that is as realistic as possible. It is therefore advisable to choose boxing gloves with more oz for sparring than for training on a punching bag .

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How many ounces do I need?

If you want to buy new boxing gloves, the natural burning question is: Which boxing gloves should I buy? Which weight - i.e. which oz - you need for boxing gloves depends on various factors:

  • What is your body weight? What weight class do you box in?
  • How high is your hitting power? Are you a beginner or an experienced hobby boxer?
  • For what purpose do you want to buy the boxing gloves? Sparring, training?
Because the decision for the right oz for boxing gloves is not easy, we have put together a small decision -making aid with all the important information and details about the oz for boxing gloves.

Customers ask, we answer!

What does oz mean in boxing gloves?

The weight of the boxing gloves is indicated with oz, derived from the English “Ounce”, which means ounce in German.

How much does a 14 oz boxing glove weigh?

An ounce weighs about 28g, so a 14 oz boxing glove weighs about 396g. You can easily calculate the weight of other boxing gloves with 8 oz or 12 oz.

What oz is in boxing gloves?

Usually you get boxing gloves from 6 oz to sometimes 20 oz.

How many oz do I need in boxing gloves?

You should choose the weight for your boxing gloves based on your body weight on the one hand and the intended use on the other.

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